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Charles Fischer

FEEDBACK NEEDED: Help me to Help You!

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My FishDuck Friends,

I am going to create something on this site that has never been done for Oregon fans ... and I need your help. 

There used to be Oregon "Data Aggregators" out there such as Oregon oneclicksports that would have a string of links down the page of all the Oregon articles out there to read.  It was handy and it was free; it operated on a business model of web ads, but when the revenue from online ads cratered years ago and stayed down--these data aggregators mostly disappeared.  There are just two left out there, but they only pull from six or seven sites is all.

I will create the FishDuck Feed for each day of which we will pull from over 30 sites that refer to Oregon Sports either every day or on occasion, and we will be checking these a couple of times each day!  What a convenience for all Duck fans, and free?  Whew!

Favor No. 1:

--I want the most efficient way of gathering these articles; which news feed do you use?  (Provide a link please)
--What sites do you go to for all your Oregon Duck Sports News?  I know it is a chore to list all of them, but imagine if you didn't have to go to them each day? Give me your list and links so I don't miss any please.

If you are more comfortable emailing this link list of Oregon Sports Sources and news feed, then please do.  charles@fishduck.com

Favor No. 2:

My gift to Oregon fans is a free site that I spent a hundred hours on, (at least) and a couple of thousand dollars.  (Thus far) I will be working full-time soon and am asking if you can do your part for the thousands of Ducks that come to this site.  Can you help 4 hours a week out of the 168 hours?  (Easy Work) Please email me and let me know; if you already did in your profile--thanks, as I'll be in touch.

This will be amazing, and is so needed, so help me out to help all of you.

My sincere thanks,


Job Fair with Pat Pannu_FP.jpg

FishDuck Writer and UO Student Pat Pannu ,and Mr. FishDuck at a UO Job Fair in 2015

Mr. FishDuck

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I am in a moment of my life where I am swamped with work - personal and career - so I am hesitant to make any commitments for time. Hit me up in six months. But, I can offer this as a search term. This may be something you know all about already:



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I could possibly volunteer some time. Let me know what’s needed. 

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Sorry not good enough on phone to help ( I'm a dinosaur) also taking care of my wife full time. I just use Google asked for Oregon ducks football.  I get Oregonian live. 247 sports. nbcnorthwest sports. CBS sports. Go Ducks. u sometimes. Other sites that talk about ducks throughout pac 12 footprint.

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Charles - I may be able to volunteer in a couple of months if you need it. Appreciate everything you do! My primary news feeds for Oregon sports: Fishduck, 247 Duck Territory, Oregon Live, Athletic Oregon Basketball and Oregon Football. Go Ducks!

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