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  1. Dennis Dixon, narrows it down to two years. Not a bad time to start if I do say so. First game ever attended the QB was Akili.
  2. The joke of the day is that this is why the SEC recruits better than the Pac-12, a fast food bag has room for more cash than a coffee cup. Everyone in major college football offers extra incentives. Not to every recruit, but to some. Including Oregon. It’s just a matter of how brazen they are, and it sounds like Tennessee broke the unwritten rules. The question now is whether the university decided to use this as a reason to cut ties with Jeremy Pruitt or if the rumor of Georgia getting fed up and dropping the dime is true. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. If anyone is curious a
  3. I can’t pick just one. There are a few that I feel are criminally underrated. Aidan Schneider: he made 3rd team All America one season, ended his career as the Pac-12’s most accurate field goal kicker at 85% (since passed and is now #2) which was good enough for top-10 in NCAA history at the time, and still holds the conference record for PATs. Yet when Henry Kattleman emerged as a surprising alternative many Duck fans were acting like we’d never had a good kicker before. I partially understand. Camden Lewis reminded us of Maldonado, and we’re all still traumatized. Schneider was so recent
  4. The defensive line ranking is wayyy off to me. Other than KT I have them down with the QBs and special teams. I was very disappointed with Jordon Scott. Austin Faoliu for most of the season was also sub par. KT: some people are focusing on the sack numbers but his game was much better this year. More well rounded, monster against the run, got lots of pressure and QB hits, and a few of the team’s rare sacks were his doing. Jordon: might as well have not shown up. Lost 20 pounds, 100 pounds of strength, and looked as slow as ever. Austin Faoliu: never seen a guy get easier to block a
  5. Very underwhelming new names. Josh Conklin, Wofford HC: He was not a good DC at Pitt, had a season allowing 38 PPG. At FIU it was 37 PPG. Game over for me, the 2015 Pillows Pellum defense gave up 37 PPG and before Brady Hoke I thought that was rock bottom. Patrick Toney: 2020 was his first year as a DC, before that he was Louisiana Lafayette’s (I refuse to acknowledge their rebranding to Louisiana) safeties coach. Has also been a position coach at UTEP, FCS Sam Houston, Multi-directional Louisiana State. His defense was good his one season, and beat Iowa State. But the Ragin’ Cajuns de
  6. The same for me. I was in the student section in those days, so I was easily distracted. I remember Jaison Williams, Garren Strong, Derick Jones, even Pflu making catches - but not Colvin. I know he did, but that metal plate might as well have been camouflage for him. I definitely remember the end zone fumble. It felt devastating. Little did I know that was just preparing me for future disappointment. What a roller coaster of a season. I remember my girlfriend at the time trying to calm me down after the Arizona loss, and me on the verge of tears saying “you don’t understand! We’ll ne
  7. Thanks, Fishduck! And thank you for providing the venue.
  8. As a long suffering Chargers fan, ever since September 2020 when I was in the grocery store and my friend texted me that Herbert is playing, I’m not sure how to feel. KC’s Eric Bienimy seemed like the obvious choice, Andy Reid’s right hand man, exciting offense like what Mahomes has. Maybe it’s true what they say about the Chargers franchise being poorly managed and wasting talent. I don’t want to see Herbie wind up having his prodigious talents wasted like Tennessee did to Marcus or Joey and his lesser talents with Matt Millen avoiding drafting future Hall of Fame inductees.
  9. Glenn Schumann or Tosh seem like the best candidates at the moment. Both of them can recruit, have experience at a position group, and have top notch pedigrees. No proven play calling abilities, as supposedly Tosh didn’t have DC success at Alabama and at Georgia I believe that Lanning is the play caller and not Schumann. I’m on the record as valuing scheme over play-to-play calls on defense. Recruiting is where both of them could make their mark. While we have obviously improved that area significantly there are still needs, and we know in the long term that’s the name of the game. If we
  10. Good summary. I don’t think this game will be happening. I have some very strong opinions on the matter, but to be brief: no return trip, no game. As you outlined, the ridiculous practice of scheduling games a decade in advance is making the home-and-home appear to be impossible. Even a “back in three” scenario like we’ve seen with Michigan, Tennessee, and UVA is not happening. My concern is that Rob Mullens caves and allows tOSU to make a return trip in 2037 or some equivalent. I would consider that to be unacceptable.
  11. It’s a fairly significant upgrade to go from the Mountain West to the AAC. Both financially and in terms of national perception. Football, and other sports, quality of competition is debatable. The Mountain West’s new TV deal means that each school will receive $4 million per year from the conference. In comparison AAC schools will get $7 million. For context and to show the enormous gulf between the P-5 and G-5: Pac-12 $32.2 million per school ACC $27-34 million Big-12 $38-42 million SEC $45.3 million Big Ten $56 million The AAC gets a lot more positiv
  12. Expansion of the playoff is almost certain. Eight teams, or six with byes for the top two seeds, seem like the two most likely options. The decision will be driven by revenue, as always. Interest in the playoff is waning. As is interest in the regular season and other bowl games. Getting all P-5 champs in, along with the best G-5 and two at-large teams will restore some excitement.
  13. Thanks. I’ve always been into following the careers of dual sport stars, and Gates was one of the few that could have been elite in both football and basketball. Terrelle Pryor, Nate Robinson, and Allen Iverson also come to mind. Interesting one degree of separation with JTT and Gates: Antonio Gates originally went to Michigan State to play football for Nick Saban. Saban wanted him to give up basketball, Gates transferred but still credits Saban for convincing him he could be great at football.
  14. I think the number one thing with JTT is having a chance to play on the biggest stage - in football. That’s why Tracy Ford and the FSP people were calling the CFP championship “The JTT Bowl.” Ohio State and Bama can basically guarantee that opportunity, while Oregon can only promise that it will be a possibility. The young man loves basketball as well. He counts Paolo Banchero, the five star basketball recruit from Seattle heading to Duke, as a close friend. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say JTT loves both sports equally. I do think he and his family understand where the bread will be
  15. Mastro is listed as the primary recruiter for Troy Franklin and Moliki Matavao, which makes sense since Nevada and NorCal are territories he’s familiar with and those recruitments began before we had hired Moorhead or McClendon. Mastro is also listed as the primary for Seven McGee, although he’s been committed since the last ice age Mastro took over. The 247 recruiter rankings aren’t great. For one, they don’t list head coaches. While the assistants do the bulk of the recruiting, we know Mario does the OL and swoops in for the higher profile guys or as needed. For Mastro, I’m as unh
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