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Charles Fischer

Federal Court Ruling on Free Speech and the Our Beloved Ducks Forum

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The ruling that came out today, September 19th in Federal Court, affirms that everyone has the right to assert their opinion on a social media platform. The key word is "opinion," and I want all opinions in this forum because those in the minority today can be the majority opinion in a year. The important element for this forum is how the opinion is expressed.


Every opinion post written that was in violation could have been written and shared as an opinion without any issues. But the additional elements beyond the opinion, the behaviors are the problem, whether it be inappropriate aggression toward a fellow OBD member, or any other of the 33 rules.


The rules on this forum are not based upon your opinion, as our rules are based on behaviors, specifically posts that are not "polite and respectful."  And yes, I am also the keeper of the spirit here, as someone venting and spewing toxic bile a few times a day makes this not a fun place to hang out.  Negative is fine, and there is a big difference between doing critical analysis and posting negative versus venting, as I explained here.


I am really disappointed in having 16 violations in the first 15 days of the month, as people at times are not trying very hard to be nice to each other.  I just permanently banned a frequent, prominent member last week because he simply could not control himself, and I will not have one person (no matter how times he/she posts great stuff) ruin the forum atmosphere for the good people of the OBD community.


I realize you did not see all those violations because our fantastic moderators catch them immediately, and hide them from public view and turn them over to yours-truly.  (Do hug a moderator today!)


Do I really have to tell people to be nice?  Yes.  Do I really have to babysit adults?  Yes.


Multiple violators get banned because they create more work and stress for me.  Sure, they may think some of their violations are mild, but they are violations, and require my enforcement or I will see more of the same behavior soon.  Take up too much of my time babysitting you?  You're out.


Just be nice, and you will have no problem.


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Mr. FishDuck

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Speech may (mostly) not be regulated by the government, but just like Twitter for example, you as Mr. Fishduck on your site, are free to tell people to fold it twelve times and put it where the sun don’t shine. 

And I have no problem with that. People can exercise their horrible free Duck speech somewhere else. 

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Best place on the web, right here! Keep it up, Sir! (Please 😃)

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