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Charles Fischer

A New Australian Punter and New Depth Chart

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Remember that up near the logo is "Repository" and clicking on that brings up a menu and at the top is the Oregon Depth Chart.  Always there!  Below is what ChileDuck wrote:


On to Game 4 and Washington State. The Chile Duck Depth Chart is up-to-date and with three games in the books, the starting positions have become easier to set even without having depth charts being published in the game notes this year. As usual though, the depth chart positions are probably not entirely accurate but the chart can be used as an organized way of viewing the depth of the entire roster by positions.


A new punter was added to the roster, Lachlan Bruce, an Australian who transferred from City College of San Francisco.





Now I will disagree with where he placed players.  Sewell is the "Mac" or a Mike, (Middle linebacker) while Justin Flowe, and Jeffery Bassa are "Money" ILBs.  Jackson LaDuke backs up Sewell at Mac, and is not at the Money spot.  The OLB is the "Jack" in the Dan Lanning defense, and it is hard to believe that Mase Funa is the starter.  The listing he has as "Nickel" is what Lupoi/Lanning call the "Star" defender.


But the players are all listed and we can go from there as it is handy.


Terrance Ferguson Scoring_Pac12 Video.jpg


Mr. FishDuck

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I believe Australian punters are now mandatory at the D1 level, mate.


Ever watched Australian Rules Football? Those lads can kick a ball.

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Lachlan: Australian for punterRoos2.jpg.fe7cddb23fd325baff9819fd0c06f9b7.jpg

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