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Charles Fischer

Will the Stanford QB Show Us the 'Butt-Block?'

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Not kidding, as this is a thing.  Look at DZC's thread below for two videos, but this one I found is longer, but fascinating.  And yes...the quarterback (red arrow below) is allowing the defender assigned to the running back to charge without the QB pulling the ball, and in fact he sticks his rear-end into that direction!


Slo-Mesh Butt Block by QB.jpg

The analyst in this video claims it creates an extra blocker for the running back No. 25, but nah...the defender hitting the QB is already left unblocked, so not a blocker gained.  Just a different way of running an Inside Zone or Power play.


This will be a HOOT to watch for!  (Where else do you get this stuff?)  😄

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Mr. FishDuck

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I suppose this is one way to create an obstacle for the defender without jeopardizing your QB.  If it works, it works, I guess.  lol

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