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Pennsylvania Duck

Happy Thanksgiving...11 Things Duck Fans Should be Thankful For

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Last year when we checked in on the Oregon Ducks’ world of sports

during Thanksgiving time, things weren’t looking so great.


By comparison, the Ducks sure do have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.



What are you most thankful for as an Oregon Duck fan as we get into this holiday season?


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Thank you for sharing that PD!  As Duck fans we truly have a lot to be thankful for!  The comparison to last year was impactful.


What a great time to be a Duck fan!

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Make it twelve... 


Mario Cristobal left and Miami paid us some big money to make that happen! 

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Bingo David.  Bingo!  If we have to lose a coach at least the college sniping him away can pay us for the privilege of taking him off our hands.  It's the best part of that whole nasty business.

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From the above report from Pennsylvania Duck:  Players recruited by Dan Lanning so far, alleviating (to a huge degree) the loss of Crstobal's recruiting prowess.


5-star QB Dante Moore

5-star WR Jurrion Dickey

4-star WR Ashton Cozart

4-star RB Dante Dowdell

4-star CB Caleb Presley

4-star TE Kenyon Sadiq

4-star CB Cole Martin


I wonder how many will stay committed IF Kenny Dillingham takes the gig at ASU?  Starting with the 1st player named ...  let's hope all of them!

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