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Desert Duck

"Lanning Plays With Fire, Duck Fans Get Burned"

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by Mr. Charles "FishDuck" Fischer - 11/22/2022


Nuff' said. 



I should have written this article a month ago when I first felt strongly about it, but at the time I did not want to be a buzz-kill for Oregon fans.


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From the article....


"Begin thinking as a 56-year-old coach versus a 36-year-old; try not to learn the big lessons the hard way as you just did with Bo Nix please?"


"Coaches Lanning and Dillingham are building a bank of coaching experience and knowledge while at Oregon, and I just hope that Oregon fans later get to cash that check owed to us for the “learning losses” when they reach coaching maturity."

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Mr. FishDuck

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I foresee a very, very, very long winter, spring, and summer worrying about the QB situation in my future. 

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Up 34 to 10 in the second half and can’t hold the lead to a team with no passing game.   Beav’s, 27 unanswered points.   Beav’s with no passing game (60 total yards passing!!!)… and still able to beat an Oregon team with more (supposedly) highly ranked starred players.   That’s all on the coaches.   The two rivalry game losses were all about the coaching, those were ugly losses.


I trust the staff will learn and get better, as iterated by Charles.   I do wonder about the fall-out from those losses in regard to what recruits think.


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The score was never 34-10.  It was 31-10, then 31-17, then 34-17.  


Always take the points in the 1st half, especially on the road. 


ABC and ESPN don't know how to read the play by play score board.

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