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Charles Fischer

Whoa! Phillipina Kyei: 15 Points and 15 REBOUNDS?

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I wish some of the Womens Basketball fans here would start threads, as there is a ton to discuss thus far this year.  Looks like a really good team emerging...a top-ten maybe?


The development of Phillipina Kyei has been great to watch, as she is moving so much better and becoming really confident in her low-post moves.  For her to have a double-double of 15 each against Michigan State was amazing.


I remember her as tall (6'8") and skinny, but it looks like she has worked hard and has bulk in her shoulders, arms and legs now.  This bodes really well because that is the final area this team needs--a dominant post.  (IMHO!)


There was a time-out and a BIG girl came from the bench to greet the players and cheer them on.  She towered above all the little guards she embraced, and she was not just tall--but looked strong with bulk as well.  Who is she?


I think it was this young lady below...Kennedy Basham, who is out with an injury.  I had no idea she was 6'7" with such length and strength!

Oregon women's basketball center Kennedy Basham out 'several weeks' with  right knee injury - oregonlive.com


Mr. FishDuck

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Watched the game yesterday.  No doubt Phillipina has improved and will be very important piece to the puzzle this year (especially with Sedona out).  However, in my opinion, she is not yet a player you can get the ball to on the block and expect a bucket.  She shot 6-13 and I don't believe any of her shots were outside of the block.  It's early in the season and she will continue to improve and it will be fun to watch her grow. 


If she becomes nearly automatic in the post, that will really open the outside for shooters such as Rogers.  I don't know enough about the top women's college basketball teams to declare that the Lady Ducks are a top 10 team, but I will declare that they should make the tournament and have the tools to make deep run.  Go Ducks!!!

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I love to watch our women play basketball!

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In my opinion she's a big upgrade on Prince, she hustles, she rebounds, she defends, which in all honesty Prince didn't do, Prince could shoot and that's about it for someone her size.  We don't need Kyei to score a ton on post ups or mid range, we have Van Slooten to do that sort of stuff, we need someone to do the dirty work.

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     Because of the loss of players to both the portal and injury, Kelly’s team remains in a ‘wait and see’ development stage as both Philly and the freshmen gain real time reps and get up to speed. I think Graves would agree with that.


     Kelly’s re-tooling of his recruiting philosophy — moving towards a leaner and faster approach that forces a higher degree of focus from a bench that knows it’s only minutes away from live action  — has me excited as it appears to be gaining traction; but, unavoidably remains a work in progress because of the ups and downs of developing freshmen into consistent contributors.


     As AM suggests, the continuing offensive development of Kyei will greatly effect the focus of opposing defenses, and further free-up our veteran guards who we must rely upon for the foreseeable future.


     On my wish list is to see Philly develop a pull-up 5 footer that would freeze opposing bigs, and further disrupt attempts to contain our guards.  She has a nice shooting touch, so practice could add that to her tool box.

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Great point Charles! 


Hopefully we can have some good discussions on our Lady Ducks Basketball team this year. 


This is actually one of my favorite subjects. 


I too think PK can become a force. It really looks like they have been working with her on her game and her conditioning! 


I'm hoping as she gets more confident, she really develops her ownership of the low block. When she does and learns to shoot too score and not shoot too shoot, I will say watch out!


There is a huge difference in the two types of shooting and Philly had one low post move late in the game that very much showed her strength and her touch. 


Very excited about the emerging leadership from Te-Hina and Endyia as well as many of the other players. 


Charles it was Kennedy who you saw and she is all of 6'7"".


Sedona was an okay player who I don't think ever overcame her broken leg and the other injuries that plagued her career at Oregon! 


Wish her nothing but the best, but I honestly think with the competition that she saw this fall, it became clear that she would be on the short end of the stick. 


PK, Grace and soon to be Kennedy will have been the main go to bigs for our Lady Ducks! Add in Hosendove who can definitely play and Sedona's decision to not play besides her latest elbow injury it makes a lot of sense that she decided not to play through it.  Can't blame her! 


I'll stop now as I could go on and on about our Lady Ducks program. I know members quit reading when the post is too long. 


Go Ducks,  Our Women's and Men's teams can be fantastic this year!!!

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I like all three of the freshmen that have been playing. My humble opinions: Chance Gray is very athletic and quick, but sometimes plays a little out of control. She will get better at that and be a floor leader in the future. Good defensive player. Grace VanSlooten is the real deal. Very talented, aggressive, has a high BB IQ, and plays hard all the time. I think she will be a star. I like Jennah Isai a lot. Also very aggressive and high BB IQ. Looks to score and plays hard. Provides great energy off the bench.


I think the verdict is still out on Kennedy Basham. She didn't play her senior year in high school because of an injury. In the brief time I saw her on the floor, she looked a little tentative (understandable) and got pushed around somewhat. At this point, I think she is a work in progress who I think will develop into a solid player under Graves tutelage. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later because we could use another big.


Overall, I think they will be a very good team in another month or two as the freshmen continue to develop. They are fun to watch.

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Great points Canvasback, especially on Kennedy! 


I agree that this Freshman class is going to be outstanding! 


Go Ducks!!!

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