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In Case You Didn't Know - OSU Bowl Game Rescheduled

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Forgive me if this is old news but I haven't seen it reported anywhere on the Forum yet:


Today it was announced that the starting time for the Beavers to play in the the Las Vegas Bowl has been moved UP to 11:30 am (a horrendous start time, btw) instead of the original start at 4:30 pm.  It's due a conflict with the turf differences required by the Las Vegas Raiders who are scheduled to also play the next day.  It's complicated.  The story is on OregonLive.com as reported by MSN.  I couldn't generate a link for some reason (?).


The Beavers get screwed again.  And neither Oregon or Phil Knight can't be blamed for any of it.


Raiders' game in Allegiant Stadium the following day had a time change, and the NFL club needs extra time to prepare the...


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Well, I think the main problem is the date, not the time. The game is on the 17th, and the early signing period begins on the 21st. I'd gather the coaches really need to be focusing on recruiting in the final stretch, and not prepping for a bowl game. That said, I'm not sure how big of a deal the early signing process is for a team like OSU. So, Saturday at 11:30 am is not great, but it's on a Saturday, and people generally seem to  like 12:30 kickoffs. Also, it will be 12:30 in Vegas, and 2:30 on the East coast/Florida. 


The Holiday Bowl is on a Wednesday at 5 pm. I'd much rather play on Saturday the 31st at 11:30 am.

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The Pac 12 needs to get better bowls or have them change the dates of the Vegas Bowl and the LA/Jimmy Kimbel bowl.  The Pac 12 have two bowl games that start before the early signing period as 2002duck mentioned. 


This is the time coaches need to make sure their recruits stay with them.  Not try to focus on winning a bowl game and keep recruits.  The ACC has 1 and the SEC also has 1 bowl game before the early signing period.  The Big 12 has 1 bowl game the day after.  The ACC/SEC play each other 2 days after.


I feel this schedule hurts the Pac 12 in recruiting.  December 17th has 6 bowl games.  The most of any day, silly to compete with that.  December 31st has only 1 bowl game.  



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