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  1. When I teed off on the first hole (500 yard par 5), the Ducks were down about 10. On the way to hole #2 the Ducks were up 10. And I play pretty fast!
  2. Thanks for the post. I watched the entire game live.......except for the 4th quarter! Go figure! I had to play golf, and couldn't get out of it. That said, if I watched the 4th quarter live the Ducks might have lost.
  3. 1) UCLA 2) Arizona 3) Oregon 4) USC 5) Stanford 6) ASU 7) Colorado 8- WSU 9) WASH 10) Utah 11) CAL 12) Beavs Go Ducks!
  4. An easy way to end night games is by joining a conference based in the Midwest. Problem solved.
  5. UCLA got roped into leaving because they were tied to USC. I assign them less blame. They're an accessory to a crime, though for some crimes you simply get found equally culpable despite intent, and spend life in prison. UCLA has been too weak for far to long to get really mad at. Plus, it's a great school with a nice campus. Also, the whole Rose Bowl thing in Pasadena. Oregon will be in the Big 10 soon enough, and people will be mad at us, too.
  6. Well, shouldn't every PAC fan be rooting for every other PAC team in OOC games? It would only help their rankings and Playoff chances when they play that PAC team if that team wins.
  7. That's unfortunate to hear. I like John Canzano's radio show, but only the last hour where his journalist wife joins him on air, and they mostly talk about non-sports stuff and field questions with the audience. My chief complaint with Canzano was that he is a champion of the little guy, and gives the limelight and the microphone to those that often don't get that chance. The thing is, Oregon Football is king in the state of Oregon, and then come the Blazers. After that the number of fans and interest drops off a cliff. I wouldn't exactly say Oregon State is "the little guy", but Canzano also had a love affair with OSU and was quick to criticize the Ducks when he reluctantly talked about them. One of Canzano's kids also is a student at OSU. The Oregonian needs to hire a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism, and who regularly goes to Blazers and Timbers home games.
  8. > It looked like the Ducks tried taking the final exam on their first day of the semester. Very true. I had hoped Oregon would fare better considering Dan Lanning audited the course.
  9. Until Oregon is in the Big 10 I'll strongly be in favor of playing teams like Georgia. Our offensive and defensive lines looked pretty rough. As far as I'm aware, those are weak points in our recruiting arsenal as well. Oregon absolutely must pay top dollar for the biggest and best line players.
  10. Ha! I think the new ads are a bit humorous. For the record, I am a huge fan of the advertisement business, because it subsidizes American sports and entertainment. Most of my friends and family are highly educated, but it seems like they don't know how all of the media bills are getting paid. Everyone wants "free" content. I can't even completely blame the younger generations- my father is 78 years-old, and he mutes the sound on his TV during all commercials or when listening to the radio (he still looks at the screen, so I don't know how he's winning that "stick-it-to-them" battle). Anyway, I have Windows 10 (not a fan of newer versions nor non-mobile Apple products). When I use fishduck.com I get an ad across the top banner, an ad at the bottom (or above a comment like now), and an ad in the middle that follows you until you close it. I've never minded the route companies went when the made more space for ads using open sidebars. I don't care for one second if companies know my buying habits or whatnot. What is everyone hiding with all of these "privacy" cries? But fishduck.com doesn't have sidebars, so this is what we've got. I think one ad is fine on one page at a time. Easy to see and close. The rest of it makes it seem like that "free money" infomercial guy in the question mark suits.
  11. I've expected the Ducks to have a pretty good shot at making it to the National Championship ever since I was a Freshman at UO in 1998. Of course there have been some off years here or there, but I generally think Oregon should be favored in every single Pac game, every single year. If your lone loss is to Georgia in Atlanta, or an LSU in Dallas- I think that's good enough to make the Playoffs. Expecting less is not something I find acceptable! That said, I usually don't think we deserve the National Championship more than once or twice per decade- I just think we can get there with proper execution. We aren't the Washington Huskies. We have prestige!
  12. Better than the result? Maybe all of that free beer and food at Aviva Stadium in Dublin? I got to see my Germans beat Ireland 6-1 in a World Cup Qualifier at that stadium. It's extremely nice, and looks a lot like the new Hayward Field! Luckily the Irish fans were pretty friendly, which makes sense because Germany playing Ireland in soccer is like Oregon playing Portland State in football. Personally, I don't have any beef with Scott Frost. I don't like Nebraska football at all, though. I didn't rank them in my Reddit CFB poll the other day, which is funny because I got a voter alert that let me know that 90% of other voters had them ranked. Never buy into the Nebraska hype! The only contribution Nebraska football has made in the past 20 years is provide college football fodder on 'Better Call Saul'.
  13. If Mase wants to be drafted I don't think he should lose any more weight, but stay where he is.
  14. There is a bar right by the stadium called "The Cooler". I have not been there in 15 years, but it's the last place where I tried to pass myself off as cool, or someone of an age who knew what something like "yeet" means.
  15. All of these places have good beer and good grub. At the same time, they are all staffed by youngish hipster types who hate all sports. You'll have to separate the Autzen experience from the brewery experience.
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