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Charles Fischer

At Each Position: Recruiting Success at a Glance

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This is really interesting, and while our RBs are not in the Top 10, it is because Seven McGee is listed as an "Athlete."  Kinda fascinating seeing the schools at each position...and the surprises about the Ducks to me is the high ranking of the Tight Ends, and the lower-than-expected ranking of the offensive line.  Thoughts?

Mr. FishDuck

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Kind of scary seeing Alabama taking down so many top spots.

SC is up there in quite a few. Where´s the rest of the PAC 12?

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It also really shows the level of need Oregon is at this year. Oregon has a super full runningback room which is less full after two transfers and Oregon was very opportunistic with Cardwell as they had space down the stretch but they hadn't really planned on him for the majority of the cycle.

Arguably Oregon could be on the runningback list if they counted Seven as a runningback. 

If Oregon lands JTT then they'd be on the list for defensive line.

Regardless defensive line is a major position of need in 2022 but wasn't considered a high need this cycle as they landed a four star and made a push for a couple of five stars and are still in play for one. Of Oregon felt really desperate at defensive line they would have grabbed some sure fire three or four stars that they would be sure to land. 

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