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Bad Week For The BIG10

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Not a great look for the BIG10 at all this week:


Kevin Warren may bolt to NFL.


Ohio State collapses and gives up the biggest comeback in CFP history. 


Michigan believes its own hype, underestimates TCU in my opinion and gets beat. Now their fans are blaming the refs. Ouch


And yes that was TD but even with the bad call you're still 1st and goal inside the one and you can't convert? C'mon man!


And yes we've all seen lesser hits get flagged for targeting but even if they call it you're still looking at a Hail Mary.


Happy New Year Everyone!

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UCLA goes down. Looking for USC to get throttled. Love the beatings the Big is taking right now.

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In Bowls so far, the B1G is 4-2, the PAC12 is 3-2, and the SEC is 4-5.

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I'm hoping for a U$C win against Tulane as I got my wish with UU beating the stuffing out of the Spoiled Children and 'Demoting' them out of the PAC championship trophy AND the Playoffs. Their consolation prize is winning one for the PAC before we send them packing to the B1G 10,11,12,13,14, etc. etc.


And let UU dominate PSU thereby adding another check in the loss column to the B1G whatever. The PAC would finish 5-2 with all 5 teams being 10 wins or more! That screams 5 teams in the top 15 next year.



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