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Saying Goodbye to the 'Traditional' Rose Bowl: Penn State Prevails Over Utah as Historic Game Enters New Era

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Dennis Dodd: "No. 11 Penn State's 35-21 win over No. 8 Utah marked the end of an era. It is the last time the traditional combatants in the Rose Bowl will meet for the foreseeable future. In fact, whether the Big Ten and Pac-12 ever face each other again in Pasadena will be a matter of coincidence.  In the end, the sky opened and rained on the Rose Bowl.  Some would say it wept.


After the 2023 season, the Rose Bowl will be a College Football Playoff semifinal. So only by chance will a Big Ten and/or Pac-12 team play in the game. For different reasons, beginning with the debut of the 12-team playoff in 2024, the same circumstances will apply."



The Rose Bowl will continue to be played, but it's going to take on an entirely different look


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The NCAA is lining the sacred cows up outside the slaughterhouse.  


That stadium has to be in line for a major renovation if it is going to be an ongoing CFP venue.  Otherwise SOFI should be used.

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     The money interests (media markets, professional sports leagues, over-payed head coaches, agents, boosters, et al) that influence college football athletics have, over time, quit on the young people they should feel responsible towards, and morphed into a single purpose: that of diminishing the value and importance of the role of education in the student-athlete equation, and replacing it with the sole goal of becoming nothing more than a feeding tube to the professional ranks.


     With that purpose in mind, you can’t allow an archaic value system that prizes celebrating the joy and athletic excellence of being a part of the American dream of higher education stand in the way of cashing in on determining whose number one.

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