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  1. I get the what aboutism, when I suggested that the PAC play a full schedule. Frankly as long as you play the SEC/BCS game we lose. How many SEC playing SEC for a “national championship” do you want to sit through, knowing that they got there using minimal conference games and and a out of conference schedule that rivals The big sky (no offense to Washington intended) I suggest a minimum of 10 games in conference for all leagues. All champions get a slot at the dance. The two lowest seeded teams have a play in game. Those currently with super leagues (16 teams) are forced to rethink strategies. Let the SEC adjust to the rest of the country. As long as the SEC is driving the buss and the BCS is riding shotgun no one wants to talk about the elephant riding on top. or my other suggestion is we just skip ahead and declare 32 AAA super teams that are NFL farm teams, and let the NFL foot the bill. After all the NFL gets the “pick of the litter” with Zero up front cost (in the financial work this is known as a -good fn deal). just spit balling here.....
  2. In the name of fairness the snake ends up eating its own tail. It takes real talent to verbalize a noble intent while your actions accomplished the opposite. I would be put in OBD time out forever if I shared my thoughts any further.
  3. the BCS model was broken from the beginning. 5 power leagues 4 slots with hokey pokey requirements for non power 5 teams. The framework encourages media perception manipulation, see TV contracts. Anything short of league champions is questionable in the shoulda, coulda, and woulda argument.
  4. 4.5 speed, 329 carries, over 2500 yds. Investing in the future.
  5. Storm trooper white, Death Star black, mallard green, yellow hi-lite marker, dogs and cats living together.......... defensive team - rich brooks field green (hiding in plain sight) offensive team - blur (whatever color that is)
  6. all in all a fairly depressing table from the league perspective. I can’t help but think the total league average results put the PAC at or near the bottom of the power 5 heap. studies show 76% of people make up statistics.
  7. Put a bolt on UCLA’s helmet and what do you have?
  8. Just once I would like to see him in an offensive series. From HS tapes it looked like he ran the ball like he played Defense, mostly running over his opponents.
  9. This is a choice between the same bike, but which color. So invert the question. Which team do I not want the ducks to lose to. Utah. The ducks have to beat Utah.
  10. To the basketball beavers bringing on Tim Shelton. I don’t like to admit it’s a great hire so I won’t, but it is. Let the speculation begin. Tim Shelton Joins Oregon State Men’s Basketball Staff - Oregon State University Athletics OSUBEAVERS.COM CORVALLIS, Ore. – Tim Shelton, the son of former Beaver basketball standout Lonnie Shelton, will join the Oregon State men's basketball program as an assistant coach, Wayne Tinkle...
  11. Thank you for the humor! I gotta admit I'm a "user". straight to my veins! as a side bar, my rant about Phoenix was about football-pointing out a possible reason a SUN devil may wish to transfer. If I stepped on someone’s lawn, I apologize, not for what I said about Phoenix, but the lawn thingy. all in fun
  12. Honestly , he had the best QB gunslinger in CFB, and he’s handing the ball to undersized slow running backs on 3rd and long. The great ones design their play book to the talent on hand. MC operated a pound to fit and paint to match offense starting with a corvette and pounding it into your dads 4-door sedan.
  13. If Phoenix was truly a mythical bird that rose from the ashes, then it’s a perfect name for a city that has no business being where it is. A mistake, full of strip malls, traffic jams and unbearable heat. A truly miserable place. I suppose you can put it in the nice place to visit column, if your other choice is Lubbock.
  14. The purge. Is it a coincidence that a DL comes in and one goes out? Could it be the new staff is assembling their team? Between recruits and transfers the ducks have over 30 new teammates in the locker room (including the PWO). I have no idea the individual reasons for leaving the team, but for whatever the reason, they no longer want to be ducks. I have no idea why the players coming in wanted to leave their old team, but what I do know is they WANT to be DUCKS. the Ducks are quickly morphing into to team Lanning.
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