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  1. I feel like the team and fan base may have purged themselves of the past number of years. For me the uneasy questions of unrealized potential, and the coaching carousel, ended on Saturday against a good team at their house. The Oregon team that walked out of Martin is not the same team that walked into Martin.
  2. Saddled with a coach on year 2 of a 10 year contract. Too bad, so sad.
  3. How soon we forget the tin foiled rabbit ears, and snowy reception. Growing up Eugene had 1 tv station. Now we have 300 channels and nothing’s on. Cut cable 15 years ago, ESPN is a football virus. As a consumer and fan I look forward to the time that every game of every team is available to view via streaming with the same day purchase option.
  4. Bucky was 7 yards past the LOS and Nix was leading a block 5 yards in front of him. That one play made me a big Bo fan.
  5. Defer: moneyball says 1 point and 12% chance of stealing a possession. also moneyball says to on-side kick every kickoff. So.........
  6. Oregons Quarterback accounted for 5 scores, oddly the same number as letters in both his first and last name.
  7. Not sure what a Twitter is, possibly more than one or like a group of twits?
  8. I found duck gear in Darwin. And as a side note getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road was a challenge. Tip: use a yellow post it note on the steering wheel with the words -“stay left mate”, helped.
  9. I the late 70’s the fan base for a national program was clambering for a QB change. The fans expectations were that ND finish as a top 3 team. After their second loss of the season things got hot for the starting QB. Considering the seasons stats of a little over 2000 yards passing, a 54% passing completion percentage and only 11 TDS with 7 interceptions the fans knew the second string QB would have led them to the promised land. For some reason the coaches stuck with Joe Montana as the starting QB. a few years later you could not find a fan that would admit to wanting to bench Joe. not sure there is a relevant point to this thread, but it’s a good antidote!
  10. Dye proves the old saying once a duck, not always a duck in my book,
  11. This is a pleasant problem to have. I expect the pecking order will sort it’s self out in the near future.
  12. Did someone mention stiff arm? (X10 quality factor based on opponent)
  13. Leverage, if you don’t have any get some
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