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Oregon Ducks Football: Who Is Brayden Platt?

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Our Oregon Ducks football program just keeps on getting better and better with head coach Dan Lanning at the helm. 2023’s recruiting cycle is finishing up nicely with some late transfers and superstar pickups for the Ducks, and now, Lanning’s staff has wasted zero time gearing up for the 2024 class. Mr. FishDuck took some time away from his fun at ...



Our Oregon Ducks football program just keeps on getting better and better with head coach Dan Lanning at the helm. 2023's recruiting cycle is...


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Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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He is certainly another piece in Lanning plan for the program. The young man also seems like he is a football player, who loves the game.


Kind of a crazy topic, but when you adopt a child there can be both bonding and attachment issues. This can happen with your own children but it is much rarer. Basically if a child doesn't bond or create an attachment to the parents there are issues which arise.


I would argue Lanning had attachment issues with some of the old guard. The bonding necessary to create a team of young men willing to run through walls wasn't there. What Brayden Platt could signify is another step towards a team of players who are all in for the Oregon Football Program under Dan Lanning.

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I love how we are going after State of Washington recruits aggressively--stick it to the Huskies too!


Thanks for the update Alex!

Mr. FishDuck

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Thanks Alex for the article and the 2024 recruit update. So many potential pieces moving all at once makes it difficult to keep up.



As an observation only, It appears to me that MC recruited high star recruits for the purpose of achieving Top 10 classes. Not always targeting players who filled a need. Thus some very under achieving star studded defensive units took the field. In reflection, when have the Ducks had 2-5☆linebackers side by side on the field? And yet the D units regressed each year after 2019.



Of course its to early to tell but it appears that DL is recruiting top players who fit and fill needs. Whether thru the portal or the best high school recruits.



I know there are those on this thread who have the knowledge and chops to bring better analysis on this subject and i am curious to read those posts.



IMHO, its not the subjective stars behind a players name that bring results. Its the player being developed who matches or out performs their ☆ rankings on the field.



Exciting times ahead for the Ducks with DL and staff recruiting for the future. The only way we play Georgia, Bama, Michigan or tOSU next season is in the CFP.(Maybe Rose Bowl). We cannot reach that pinnacle unless the players are developed to execute the schemes. If they can, the road to the CFP will be filled with road kill leftovers of victories over USC, Utah, OSU, little doggies and Texas Tech. And a probable rematch against one of the first 4.



That is no easy task but the 2023 Ducks will have the star talent to acieve it. Will the player development be up to the task and some better in game coaching?


Go Ducks.....

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The Ducks on paper have been and are getting better. Now its showtime, Just do it.

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