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$50M Mistake? Pac-12 Terminated the Employment of Two Senior Executives

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The terminations resulted from a failure by those two executives to disclose material information to the Pac-12 Board of Directors and external Pac-12 auditors in connection with overpayments by a Pac-12 Networks distribution partner dating back to 2016.


Sure took a long time for the distribution partner to find the error! Does the Pac have $50M sitting around?



Earlier today, the Pac-12 terminated the employment of two senior executives, effective immediately. This action was taken following...


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Uh-oh...this sounds very much like the (still ongoing?) FIFA bribery scandal.


Where did those $50 million in over-payments go?


Larry Scott?


I bet the 2 PAC officials know.


In soccer it has worked like this for years: media rights were purchased by bribing the equivalent of Conference officials. The broadcast rights were sold for - say - $10 million, with  - for example - an extra $2 million going to the corrupt officials who made the decisions on the broadcast rights sales. All sorts of byzantine wire transfers, offshore LLCs, lying, and lavish living were involved.

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This is repellent. 


Larry Scott is a cockroach who we can’t seem to kill. 

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I'm thinking that those Motel rooms, that nobody could ever afford, didn't come from nowhere. Most expensive office complex in SFC? And possibly some ridiculous kickbacks?


Inquiring minds want to know. 

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So when and who goes to jail? 

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This article is from Trojans Wire, that's why the beginning has a USC slant. (No one else from the conference seems to be writing about this)


Two Pac-12 executives originally hired by Larry Scott are fired in overpayment scandal



Pac-12 Networks president Mark Shuken and CFO Brent Willman, both products of the Larry Scott era, were terminated by George...



Mysteries and lingering questions surrounding overpayment scandal as Pac-12 tries to sort things out


This scandal has lead to many questions being asked and you will see them in the article below.


The article refers to an original article by Jon Wilner, but that is on a pay site so I can't post here. However, this article

restates the questions well.


While we wonder if this scandal will have any effect on possible media rights negotiations, the first priority is to simple get...




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Why are years-old “overpayments” surfacing now?


Could this have anything to do with it? Fox looking at how it paid for other rights?



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