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Where Ducks Rank Nationally Among Most-Watched Teams in 2022

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Eugene is not a large market, and while Oregon may not offer the same glamour that Los Angeles brings with the Trojans and Bruins, it’s become clear that when the Ducks are on, people tune in.


We saw that earlier this week when going over the ratings in the Pac-12, taking a look at which school led the way. Spoiler alert, it was Oregon over both USC and UCLA. You can view that OBDF posting here.


So where do the Ducks stand when it comes to a national playing field? Let’s take a look:



We know the Ducks were the most-watched team in the Pac-12 last season. Where did they rank in the nation, though?
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Oregon average 2.21 million views a game and their media market is only 1.1 million take that versus USC 2.07 million views per game in a 17.6 million media market. According to traditional media Oregon is worth far less than USC because they have more potential viewers.


In this day and age this is a very archaic valuation of potential revenue and why I'm a supporter of signing media deal with a streaming service. Internet companies use views as their metric to indicate value not addressable media market.


If you have a 1 million followers on Instagram and you live in north pole your worth more than someone with 500 thousand followers in LA


This leads me to believe Oregon is far more valuable than 30 million a year valuation that it currently has. 


Regional TV is only important when it comes to the news, as apparently every single person in the Oregon media market plus 1.1 million watch every week. Here's to hoping the PAC 12 can make a media deal that gives Oregon what they're worth or they'll have no choice but to leave.


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On 1/22/2023 at 9:38 AM, Dave23 said:

Internet companies use views as their metric to indicate value not addressable media market.

Amen Duck-Brother.  For the number of global fans...Oregon is No. 7 among all college teams.  Shouldn't we have the 7th best payout?


Now that is between Oregon and the Pac-12, but it is also dependent upon the metric used.  I want the games on both mediums, even if we get nominal income from streaming at first.  The point is--we will pick up more and more viewers on streaming over time, and that becomes the most important.


It is the best way to leverage our No. 7 in the world, (Streaming) and we are not right now with just a "Media Market" metric.


Oregon has more fans globally than USC...more than Alabama....more than Georgia!  Only streaming can fully take advantage of that!  Get BOTH mediums going...TV and streaming.  (As Bill Walton would say....PLEASE)



The Ducks have one of the biggest fan bases in the nation. But where do they stack up among the most beloved teams in college football?


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Mr. FishDuck

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Oregon is definitely undervalued by network metrics. Yet ABC, Fox and ESPN repeatedly showcase the Ducks on the national stage.


However, in the 12 game average, included will be the 6.2 million viewing audience for the Georgia game. In 2021 the large national audience for the game with tOSU helped with average viewing audience.


OBD's probably should continue to schedule those big time teams whenever possible. The networks still provide the largest viewing footprint. With the expanded playoffs you can risk playing that game. Once we go deep in the CFP and win that first Natty then the home and homes will come.


Helping Amazon establish the blueprint for college football streaming should be a business priority for the PAC. A layered pricing structure should be in place as new PAC members are invited in. 


Amazon, ESPN  and ESPN+ (should  all be excited and willling) should help the PAC create a 4 to 6 team pod in Texas  Open the check book and control the narrative. The BIG, SEC, ACC and current membership of Big 12 are locked into 2029 and beyond. The PAC 10 to PAC 20 are fertile ground and provide the necessary content to shape the viewing furure. Only the limitations they set on themselves will hold this back.


It will be so satisfying playing in the expanded CFP invite while usc and ucla fans whine and make excuses for not being invited. At least now the whining will be directed at tOSU, Michigan and Penn State.

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On 1/22/2023 at 12:56 PM, Charles Fischer said:

I want the games on both mediums

That's would be optimal, currently the only one I know that provides that is ESPN. Not my favorite choice but they have the platform to do it, getting them to pay up will not be easy.


It would be an interesting deal if each team got payed a base wage plus % of the viewership of each game. The individual teams should be allowed to capitalize on their brands and what they brings to viewership numbers.

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More and more the product on the field will mean more than the location. How many bigtime college football programs are in big markets?


Georgia in Athens

Alabama in Tuscaloosa 

Oklahoma in Norman

Clemson in Clemson

Oregon in Eugene

Notre Dame in South Bend

Michigan in Ann Arbor


It seems to me the USCs' of the college football world are the exceptions, not the rules. 

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