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Charles Fischer

A Special Message for ANYONE I Have Sent a "Violation-Notification" Email To...

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A Special Message for ANYONE I Have Sent a "Violation Notification" Email To...


Thank you for being a strong, stand-up individual. You have no idea how unique you are, the men and women who have received these violation-notification emails from me. I say that because you cannot imagine how many people just leave the site because they got ONE is all. Now I am not banning people or even warning them, but simply notifying them of a violation and providing a ton of information besides in the email.


You would not believe how many people cannot handle that.


Some names you would recognize are gone, and not by my choice; they were tough enough to break the rules, but not tough enough to handle a notification email?  It epitomizes the incredibly selfish culture I've written about that is prevalent today. 


Goodness knows that I've made many mistakes that I've owned up to publicly. None of us wear halos here, as we all make mistakes.  But some have the attitude where they love the rules...until the rules apply to them.


This is the slow time anyway, the off-season, when traffic is usually much lower, but it is a shame people can dish it out, but not be able to take it.  (Even mildly!)


How DO You Post Correctly Here?


Post your opinion, your facts, your logical rationale...that is it. No reference to anyone else, just post your thoughts--that is it!  (And I want everyone's opinion on every topic!)


--Be Polite and Respectful to others in your post.

--Do not tell others what to think, what to feel, or what to write.

--No reference of any kind to politics.




When everyone just posts their thoughts and opinions...we have reasonable discourse, and we learn from each other.


It works.


Those of you who have received my emails and continue to post? Take a bow, as it is people like you who make this place special.  Thank you for being a good sport.



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Mr. FishDuck

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As a former violator myself, I am proud of my enrollment in the OBD 12 step Program.  It has helped me immensely.  I am now a better informed and responsible Fish Duck participant.  Hooked on Ducks athletics and other Duckly endeavors.  My Duck Safe Space has been achieved with the help of Charles et al, whom I have not met yet.


On a serious note, Charles you keep being you.  Since I have enjoyed your posts from 2008/09?  Man I can not recall but the videos of you explaining what CHIP was doing, here at Oregon, I have been all in.  One can tell, the LOVE one has for the time and effort put into Fish Duck and the OBD Forums.  I wish you a GREAT 2023 and beyond, to that first Oregon National Championship, shared on your sight.  I think we are close Charles.  Never stop being YOU.  Thank you for allowing us to share in the love of everything Ducky.



Kevin EzDucksIt Gerlach

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Right on, my friend!😜

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Sometimes the medicine can be tough to take.  This isn't the 'sugar-cubed polio vaccine' we knew as kids.  This is Adult fan forum decorum and I've been a violator myself, unwittingly.  We take the medicine like men & women and move on.

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