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  1. I had to laugh at this, as I too, get to typing so fast, my mind does not catch what my fingers have typed "get" instead of finishing it off properly with "getting". The Daffy Duck in all of us with him the best too. Dang spill check.
  2. Is this not the place where Mahomes collegiate career launched his NFL career? Best of Luck to you Tyler. I hope you have great success at get your masters from Tt and have a chance at the NFL. Go Duck go.
  3. Tate Martell, comes to mind, was he not a 5 star or very high 4 star? Has he not transferred twice already? He was a verbal commit, at 14 years old, to Steve Sarkisan at the U of Washington. Signed with the Ohio State, transferred to Miami and now to UNLV? I would like to think we have a better option, that buys Ty Thompson some time to get smarter, faster and stronger before being thrown into the fray. But we shall see.
  4. Texas, is not easy on coaches. High Expectations and not a lot of time to prove ones self. Mack Brown went 158 wins to 48 losses over 15 years. He set the bar but Texas thought he got too comfortable? Charlie Strong went 16 wins to 21 losses over 3 years, having the #7, #12 and #20 recruiting classes. Tom Herman went 23 wins to 13 losses over 4 years, having the #25, #3, #3, and #8 recruiting classes. Now Steve Sarkisian will be expected to . . . . in year one, having landed the #17 recruiting class. With the talent from 2018 and 2019 #3 classes and the 2020 #8 class, he should
  5. Great recruiting chops, now get them coaching chops exercised and the ProDucktion going and I will be happy. Go Ducks go.
  6. We have this unusual year that includes a new coach, new system and a seasonal disruption caused by a world wide pandemic. We have a fanbase that does not see the potential of a young player whos recruiting list includes the likes of Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, FSU and changed his commitment from U of North Carolina. But this could have far more damaging implications to future recruits considering all the transfers, coaching staffing changes and lack of players being coached up to get into the NFL. Be careful for what you wish, remember a guy named Joe Burrow from the Ohio State. Shough, b
  7. It is nice to hear Justin talk about being committed to Nike, all the way. Somebody, you can trust, his "word" has meaning and hopefully translates to the Nike product he will be endorsing. This is a smart young man, who see's what Phil and Penny Knight's philanthropy has done for the U of O and the athletes that go to Oregon. Go Duck go.
  8. "Carpe diem" young Herbert, May your talents bring recognition to you and those that helped you along, in life. May you have a long and fruitful life. Go Duck go.
  9. The chance at a scholarship sooner, sounded like the issue to me. Until they have signed and filled out paperwork, is the lock to commitment, I believe. Other than that, it's a persons word, whatever that means, today. But just makes you look, a bit foolish, IMHO. Life is about going out and making it your own. When you have setbacks, reaching out to those you trust to guide you in the right direction. Good Luck young Feely. Your not done with Life decisions and I wish you the best of luck, going forward.
  10. There is a reason, Nike did not finalize the deal with Herbert, It was to build the brand of Just In, Just Does It. Your Welcome Nike.
  11. My hope is, that maybe Avalos, Arroyo or the Beavers might be able to upgrade with one of these talents. Knowing a coach or a program does not mean you have success but maybe the year under the mentorship of the Oregons Coaches and Strength Coaches helps on another program. You have only so much time and before you know it, your a graduate with a "what do I do next?" problem.
  12. Rather Be, I love it, kind of what I saw too. ISM was asked to take the kind of role that Dye held for three years, his first being a learning year. ISM was no Dye but he is a stud, just not as vocal as Dye. Love Coach Aliotti, imagine HIM with the talent we have now. BUT he put that talent into the NFL- Eddie Pleasant, Jordan, Buckner, Paysinger, Chung, Bird, Alonso the list goes on. That is coaching up. He had great help from Pellum, Neal and Coach Azz. This kind of results shows a recruit that if they show up and excel they can put you in position to succeed at the next level.
  13. I think the problem is we just lost our DC and just hired a New One. We have some movement in our staff, Heyward leaving and some other support staff, are we finished? Do we look like the kind of organization that can coach up and not stagnate or regress perceived talent going into the NFL. Great recruiting does not translate to poor coaching into player success down the road. Put up or shut up says the Alabama's and the Ohio's recruiters to the talent. "Our Record" speaks for itself. Tough to beat that Coach Cristobal. . .
  14. Look at :19, he got the Brand down right, Just Do It for Uncle Phil!
  15. Oregon, looks winded on defense, especially the line and backers. We used to do this to the opponents and our defensive lines were long and fast. KT is that and more in a nutshell. Get these boys some reps and get them fast, let the Stash get them strong. Finally, Eddie Pleasant was a Linebacker playing safety and if I recall correctly, was not great against the pass but blew up the screens and run defense.
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