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  1. Once a duck always a duck, unless you fly against a duck.
  2. Very encouraging for him to be on his feet. Prayers and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  3. DJ has been a great surprise going from defense to offense back to defense. Love his heart, whatever the team needs. He is going to have a great NFL career, IMHO. Will be successful in what ever position he plays, offense or defense.
  4. Charles, OT, I L O V E, the new Emoji Bar! ! ! Sometimes, just a look says it all. old and sentimental, maybe mental. Thanks.
  5. Change is refreshing but control the Color Palette please. I enjoyed the "Ohana" themed gear, reaching out to the many Polynesian players past and present, that have been part of Oregon's teams. The Women's Cancer Awareness Uniforms, have been interesting. Updated Retro gear brought back memories.
  6. Sorry, I am either really tired or that just went over my head. I am not very tall at 5' 6.5", so I am not totally surprised.
  7. I thought this one, was one of the worst, looked clownish IMHO.
  8. Just watching the opponents fans mouths drop when he had one of those returns or runs just tickle my heart and bring a smile to my face. Special Player DAT!
  9. We owned them the whole second half. When Oregon took the foot off the gas, they allowed Stanford to get back in the game. Worst game management I had ever seen. Had Oregon, attempted to put the game out of reach, everyone would not be talking about the refs and the penalties. Oregon had injuries through out the season but they have had the better players, now coaching, that was the concern. Watch the change in this team, even with a fair amount of transfers out.
  10. Watching Verdell and Dye they did not have the fast eyes and twitch that LMJ, Barner and DAT had. They saw openings and took em. Mario had them running into the big uglies, instead of trusting the RB's to find the holes. Looks so natural for the older guys, not so much in Mario's world.
  11. Charles, Love what I see as a NEW LOOK. FD is getting exciting. Love it!
  12. New Toy, Great to hear Charles, I will have my son explain it to me, so I don't destroy anything important.
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