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  1. Charles, I would like to think, I have been enjoying your FishDuck OSC, since 2008 as I did not explore the WWW because of my wifes concern for security before. Job related. But when I discovered your breakdown of the Kelly's Offense in video form, I was a Lifer. Most can not keep my attention but you articulated in such a easy to understand manner. I would look forward to the next installment. No Forum back then, or at least as I could recall. As the time went by, changes started to occur, yet I had little time to interact. But Really Charles, if you find yourself, looking in the mirror and shake your head with effort, do not make this the thing that breaks your heart. Love what brings the smile to your face. I know you have had to put ME in my place, for the times you have, I am sorry but the chance to have banter with you, IN PERSON. Made my heart glow, chance to share a love for a team, to find the passion and pain for someone so invested money and love wise. Sorry for babbling on, can not seem to keep focused other than to say, Do not let pain of others affect the love you have for Your Ducks Passion. I have enjoyed it more than you can believe. Thank You for sharing this passion with me and keeping me straight and true on such a great Endeavour as you have Shared with others. Thank You for letting Me into your Ducks Home Charles. I hope you will see that the Welcome mat is so important for many of us.
  2. Nice to put that Opening to Bed. I have the feeling that the other Offensive Coaches are more comfortable at their positions or are for the right schools to become available. Like that they are sticking with DL and Oregon Football.
  3. He reminds me of the Uncontrolled Version of Charles Nelson. But instead of being reliable, loves the tumble and catch than just catching the ball. Likes the attention of a falling to the ground catch. Him and Darren Carrington II made for a good tandem. Like Franklin and Hutson. But Cota was reliable, that will be missed.
  4. Willie T, loves him some Florida. He is just looking for the right fit. Following Lane Kiffin at FAU was a mistake, the expectations there was high and unrealistic. I think FIU is still dwelling in the cellars, I could be wrong but meh. More with just bring a coach in.
  5. ESPN has Kent State's Lewis to Colorado as OC. That I believe more as Prime Time has more class than to line his Staff with a coach with one foot out the door in Florida when the FIU job becomes available. Miami may be having a serious look at him next year, get him cheap.
  6. DNC, Love this about you. You have a great amount of information for OBD to Ponder and you spill it like it is Cliff Notes. Your Passion, for the Ducks is not in doubt. I enjoy and look forward to subjects you ponder and provide for us, thank you sir.
  7. Dan Lanning, while very young, needs the experiences to become the HC for the Long Term. I would take him and his first year record over a Mario type coach any day. Short term, he disappointed you, I get it. Long term, He has shown the potential to make Ducks very proud, in what was a coaches rebuilding year. Lincoln Riley a veteran head coach lost to a GREAT Coach and Team in UTAH, twice the second time, not even close. The Pac-12 has some legitimate teams this year, Washington and Ore St did a great job in the Portal and developing. Give them credit for coaching up their players and not making the mistakes a young coach made.
  8. Sometimes, you just need a STAR to get your Program moving in the Right Direction.
  9. I am baffled by this here. As much as Oregon ran Bo, or Bo Optioned himself as AB did last year, IMHO. WHY would you not have a capable back up as the likely hood of injury to the Signal caller is greater. In NO Manner, did any of TT appearances in games appear to be that of an athlete ready or capable of filling in for an injured QB. From what I saw on the Field, I find it hard to swallow that Ty showed this type of performances in practice and is backed up by his absence for an injured Bo.
  10. You look back at the Brooks and Bellotti days of the Pac 8 and Pac 10, you see an Oregon School that played the Blue Bloods as part of their Regular OOC Schedule. This was how the BB would get some warm up games in for their teams and wins to influence the polls. Oregon did it for the pay checks those BB teams gave to help keep teams and sports alive at Oregon. Even when Chip came as OC, Oregon was building a reputation as a blue collar school competing against Blue Bloods. I believe a lot has changed, thanks to hard work, help from a go getter in Phil Knight and his lovely wife and a Nike belief of "Just Do It" and "Bo Knows"! With Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson leading the way. But Oregon has never backed away from competition. So Proud of that, where others believe it hurts their chances at NCP or other high tier bowls. Blue Collar Oregon against Blue Bloods that take lesser opponents, it's what America and Oregon Ducks can be Proud of still. Misbehave and I pull the PLUG!
  11. Charles, Do we now have the OBDF, Oregon Bandwagon Derail Fan, say it is not so. As much as I was disappointed with the loss to the Dawgs. WHAT A GAME! Glued to the TV was I. SHHH, love me some Star Wars. Then the win against UTAH, sweet Oregon Duck! Followed by a Beavers COME BACK WIN, Say It Isn't SOOOOO! Telling my wife of the Ducks Tragedy in Corvallis, her walking around the House with a big smile on her face! In our 28 years together, I have only seen her teeth 9 times, oh there was that one time. . . So many years of Flying High over Oregon owning the Rodents! She really has a nice smile. No Bandwagon Fan here, just a smiling wife. Sigh. GO DUCKS, there is always next year!
  12. Duck Karma, runs afoul of those that disrespect the Flock. Willie did us a favor, has not had a long tenure, anywhere. Mario, takes 4 to 6 years, selling nice recruiting classes undeveloped talent lacking success. Dillingham, is like many a OC that showcased their talents at Oregon with only Tedford having much success at Cal. The Oregon Head Coaching issue, Brooks did okay at Kentucky after a brief stint in the NFL. Bellotti retired after an attempt as Oregon AD. Chip Kelly, failed in Philadelphia, San Francisco and is trying real hard to hang on at Ucla. Mark Helfrich, tried OC for the Chicago Bears, now sports broadcasting. Don't mess with a Duck, you will get the bill.
  13. DNC, By the standards you used for Mario. Mario should have had the same if not better results in Miami and he is a HC with years of experience with older veteran position coaches. Can we not concluded that there was some short comings in back ups, staff and scheme that did not fully take advantage of the talent present at Oregon and needs some dialing in? That for a first year coach et al, that what had been accomplished may have been better with some experience and time? I surely am encouraged by what I saw but knew the team had issues that may hurt them against better competition. And it happened. Lessons Learned Lanning. Next!
  14. The NCAA made it clear, fill your 85 class limit, the old method of 25 or whatever, has changed because of the portal. Crazy Right? New math, courtesy of the NCAA logic. Two Open Periods, one in December and then after Spring Ball. Plus one transfer per year, seems like some formerly High Rated QB, from Cali and Nevada, multiple transfers, then was a bust. Sigh, hate how College Football is getting like the NFL.
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