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Jon Joseph

The Athletic's Andy Staples Likes Oregon's Chances

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In his latest mailbag, the Athletic's Andy Staples listed a number of teams other than the 'usual suspects,' Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Georgia that will have an opportunity year after year to make the 12-team playoff field and win the playoff.


The Ducks are the only Pac-10 team to make Andy's list. I hate to say it but I think UW under DeBoer should probably be on the list. Also perhaps, Utah.


Others with a better chance to win a playoff-expanded field title: Oklahoma, Penn State, FSU, LSU, and Florida.


Staples is among those who believe that come 2026 the field will expand to 16 teams with no first-round byes. ESPN will be paying more for the playoff broadcast rights in 2024 and 2025 but come 2026 with broadcast rights being sold on the open market the playoff income will likely be off the charts.


Makes one wonder if the Pac-10 will not be better off staying at 10 teams. I'm sure that George K. will be running the alternative numbers.

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Jon, it is good to have you back, and thanks for the article summary.


It Will Be Great This Time!


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Mr. FishDuck

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With an expanded playoff, depth of talent will be even more critical. We came up short back when we had a scheme advantage, and it was a depth problem. This will be even more important with a longer playoff schedule. 

If you don't have depth in the new format you'll never win. The elite recruiting schools will rule the college football world even more.  I suppose those programs which recruit along with developing talent will be the real winners in the new world of college ball.


I would think this was part of his putting the Ducks up with the others. You might get in and maybe win one game, but the teams with depth are the only ones who will get through a larger playoff.

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I think it'll be important for the conference to expand back to a minimum of 12 teams (I'd argue 14 would be even better). 


Getting into a 12 team playoff isn't enough, we need to also think about seeding. Higher seeding for a Pac12 champion helps get them further into the playoff instead of a first round knockout.

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