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  1. Wow, D line is getting some penetration and QB pressure!
  2. Through a mirror darkly? I see many similarities in both teams….
  3. I cut Xfinity as well. I have a Samsung Smart TV and watch P12 insider channel which is free. www.pac-12.com/pac-12-insider
  4. Why don't we honor him and dedicate the season to him? Place a black hashmark on the 18 yard line w/ his initials?
  5. Link to Duckswire ranking Presley v other Ducks DBs Oregon Football: The highest-ranked cornerbacks to commit to the Ducks DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM The Ducks added 4-star CB Caleb Presley to the 2023 class this week. Where does he rank among Oregon’s highest-rated CBs in school history?
  6. So stoked that he chose to become a Duck irregardless of all the conference shenanigans. Hearing the #1 prospect in the State of Washington - chose to become a Duck over uw - feels sooo good (understatement). I have high hopes for our Defense in the coming seasons. Here is a link to his rivals profile page: Rivals Caleb Presley profile page
  7. I’d like to think that all those cries to bring on Alabama, to be heeded if we became the northernmost western most member of the SEC
  8. QFT, I'm orginally from northern Orange County (La Palma - Kennedy High School - Eddie Pleasant). With so many distractions/ activities in LA... the fandom can be very fickle.
  9. Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants to think of Oregon being the northern, and western most member of the SEC?
  10. If this is post is a procedural violation - I apologize. I'll go Read the Manual, brb Question: what are some good Georgia forums (Georgia version of FishDuck) to learn more about the fandom's history and traditions. I also want to learn about Georgia football. I promise to represent myself and my Duckdom with candor, respect, and honesty.
  11. Yeah, we have the backing of Nike and we have an incredible international brand. I would back this idea/ path
  12. I'd say the "alliance" is moot at this point. I'm curious to learn what $c, and UCLA really do. Infinitely so pertaining to Mullens, and UofO powers that be decide to do.
  13. I'm curious, are we fans of conferences, or fans of colleges? In my youth, conferences were more important. Nowadays, my allegiance is to my college - Oregon. I think Oregon needs to think what is best for Oregon - now and be flexible and agile enough to future proof. I am saddened by the loss of the ole football tradition. I'm ready to embrace the reality of NIL, transfer portal, playoff, college football now.
  14. Considering Powledge has faced the offenses that Riley liked to run while at Oklahoma. Feels like a game of chess. Move by USC, countermove by Oregon. I am excited to see how this plays out in the field
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