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  1. Playoffs or bust. We have too much talent now to not atleast make the playoffs. Winning it will be a different discussion.
  2. Man, I miss the pit. Yes it was scary but a good scary, lol
  3. To me it seemed like Scott’s was more tailor made for Leavetts defense as opposed to Avalos defense. Sure he did fine in 19 but I though he was better the years prior. Also I really believe not having 4th quarter program really hurt our D-line as well as are O-line (not as much) and really affected Scott. I wish fat Mac the best.
  4. Wish the kid the best but we will be better off without him. For those that say he wasn’t coached up well... He lead the pac-12 in almost every stat, if that’s not being coached up well then I don’t know what is. He just dint have the it factor period! Again we will be way better without him. IMO butterfield will be next to transfer. 2021 will be AB to start and TY Thompson as back up. AB will mentor Ty at the same time to prep him for 2022 start. Perfect situation.
  5. It’s funny to see people say Oregon had a bad year or a down year and that Oregon’s year was equivalent to having a bad day, sure our play could have been better but if a down year or a bad day equal a Pac 12 championship and a trip to the Fiesta bowl then I’ll take it. All things considered could have been a lot worse.
  6. These teams are using the transfer portal a ton. That will only last so long. Very risky to live on the portal.
  7. If he wants to go to a losing program, then god bless him.
  8. Yea I was secretly hoping he would bolt with Avalos but having depth and experience never hurts. All in all I'm ready for the new bloods to take over.
  9. I think that was the same thought on Joe Burrow before his last year. We are not going to know ABs ceiling "at oregon" until he gets a couple of fulls games in.
  10. Those were risky hires by Sabin that worked out and could have easily went sideways. He took a risk, one that only he could take because of his status and what he had accomplished so far. To me Mario is building a National title contending team all the while trying to keep his job. He's only been Head man for 3 years and just getting started. He's building his resume so that he can eventually take those risk. He will get us ducks fans to the promise land, little slower than we want but he will get us there.
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