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  1. All I want is.. to beat the Huskies for our QB1 to stay healthy our D to reach its potential Beat the Utes and the Beavs beat SC in the Pac-12 championship get a 3 seed in CFP and beat 2 seeded TCU Beat Georgia in the CFP final That my friends would only be THE best college football season of all time. Fairytale or …
  2. Oregon cheerleaders can be both distracting and motivating. True story case in point. when I first arrived on campus I was driving my civic hatchback west on 18th and the cheerleaders were having a car wash on the corner at Hilyard. I ran the red light and was T Boned by an old couple in an Oldsmobile. And get this: the adjuster said it was MY fault!
  3. Ducks become favorite to land … wait this just in: Young commits to Alabama!
  4. The Portuguese Golden Visa is a sweet deal. Buy property for $300k and get permanent citizenship for self and family plus EU passport with no need to live there.
  5. You know you’ve made it when you can in a different every day of the week.
  6. Yes but he’ll be wearing no 39 for the Eagles? How can someone that fast wear 39!!?!
  7. My first thought is we haven’t been assessing, recruiting and/or developing speed like we thought we were.
  8. I do think it’s a possibility if it goes to verdict. don’t think it was necessarily an atypical D1 football workout. If one guy had gotten rhabdo he wouldn’t have a case. Here three-Poutasi, Brenner and Cam McCormick- got it out of around 100. The defense will have a team of experts to say this was a typical workout administered by top coaches and trainers and that some percentage of injuries are expected and unavoidable. Sounds like the “interesting” jurors were stricken. Lane county jurors are nowhere near as generous as multnomah. on the other hand the judge allowed them to add punitive damages, which would’ve required a threshold showing of reckless indifference to the players’ health. My guess is that gives the plaintiffs the leverage they need to reach a settlement. The settlement amount should be available as a public record so good ol Canzano will keep us informed I’m sure.
  9. The plaintiffs’ attorneys have this on contingency and have likely advanced substantial amounts for experts and other costs. A defense verdict will leave them in the red. The team of defense attorneys .. different story.
  10. I’ve got two kids at UNC. My wife went there, as did her mom, as did her grandfather Chuck Erickson, who played tailback and then golf coach and AD, hiring Dean Smith and getting inducted into UNC HOF. In summary…GO HEELS!
  11. I’ve got DAT running a 4.37 and Devon at 4.41. Who ya got?
  12. I think he’s seeing the GA-UO talent gap and preparing everyone for the time and effort it’ll take to bridge it. We do have some dudes, but others we thought were dudes were not/are not as dudely as perceived. We have guys running 4.6’s while GA’s guys are running 4.4’s.
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