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  1. Great to see Williams back in the lineup after a fairly long absence. Give credit to USC; they executed their game plan quite well. Our Ducks will have to make defensive adjustments-if any are needed-earlier in the game (and that includes double-teaming the ball, therefore leaving a red hot 3-point shooter open). Rebounding has been our Achilles heel in some games, but in other games we have been able to make up for it with better shooting and better defense (such was not the case last night). However, with this team's experience, my bet is that they bounce back just fine. Credit to Kepnang fo
  2. Rose Bowl. Pac-12 Championship. Just a start. Good enough for me.
  3. Lots of praise to our WBB team bouncing back with smart, tough play after a loss in Pauley. Coach Kelly said that they had a rare live scrimmage last night (first time ever) and a tough film session. Impressive team play on O and D. Many of our players had a good game, and thank goodness that Taylor Chavez is back. Her experience and toughness are very helpful. We led in every category over a good USC team, except for being 1 under in offensive rebounds. Big game versus the Beavers in Eugene next Sunday! Go Ducks!
  4. Payback was on UCLA's mind! (We beat some very good UCLA teams the last several years!). They played aggressive and physical all night, shot well, and crushed us on the boards (47 to 24). Oh yes, they received the benefit of more foul calls as well (19-11). Next year is our payback.
  5. Kelly and crew need to do a lot of work with Nyara's ball handling, passing and court presence skills. She leads the team in turnovers and fouls. Last night 7 turnovers, 5 fouls, several out of positions on defense, and rebounds. Nyara did not have an effective night against Stanford and she knows it. She will improve soon enough; she has had a solid season so far and is a match-up problem for other teams. Functionally, she is a freshman. Kudos to the team for coming back from 15 points down! We missed Taylor's D and O; I believe that her D would have limited Kiana William's 20 p
  6. This map tells an interesting story, but questions remain.
  7. I am more interested in the team's play and outcome. Exercising the diversity in the color wheel is fine with me.
  8. For the Ducks to out-rebound a much taller Arizona team speaks of tremendous effort and technique. Much credit to the Ducks for saving and wisely utilizing the foul at the end. Our D worked very hard in this game. I am glad I recorded the game-one to look at again to pick up the finer points. Our experienced transfers played well.
  9. Due to limited seating and competitive nature of our Duck's softball team at the absolutely beautiful Jane Sanders Stadium, these tickets will once again be the hottest in town (once fans can attend). As Jack Reacher pointed out in his very good in-depth discussion with a focus on pitching, this is a complex game in a competitive conference. Think of each game like a " higher-rated" chess game; there are many considerations based on principles, strategies, tactics, player strengths and weaknesses, and so on. Coach Lombardi and her staff have my fullest respect and confidence. Like so man
  10. Well, the discussion and speculation about Pac-12 rivalry is always interesting but how about some thoughts on our second non-conference game next year? Will our lines be ready to take on the Buckeyes?
  11. Lots of coaching and practicing ahead. How I hope there is a spring game that can be a(safely) attended by fans!
  12. Of course I wish Tyler the best and appreciate his hard work and accomplishments in the program. And congratulations for completing a couple of degrees in a short period! I am trying to make sense of the timing of his announcement, for what it is worth (which is nothing). After seeing the talent that he would be competing against was he really concerned about his chances to start again? Onto the next QB chapter! Any thoughts on another transfer QB coming in? I really appreciate the positive thoughts toward Tyler in this thread. I saw way too many negative opinions on a Duck Fo
  13. Balanced scoring by the Ducks! Without Martin's superb offensive performance, the devils would have looked a lot worse. Good for the Ducks to answer a late surge by the short-handed devils. Our Ducks were out-rebounded by 1 overall, and the devils grabbed 4 more offensive rebounds than the Ducks (something to work on, obviously). I thought that our team chemistry looked better in this game. Keep those W's coming!
  14. With the exception of WSU's 3-point percentage, our stats looked pretty good. Once Will's thumb gets stronger he will keep the other team honest with his 3-point shooting.
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