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  1. Yeah, I recall last years game the refs flagged us for some very questionable penalties on Stanford’s game winning drive. I hate blaming refs for losing games but last year seemed particularly egregious. And again this year? Just coincidence? It’s hard to be objective with these green and yellow glasses on.
  2. If I remember correctly, the first play of the Spring Game was a long bomb to Seven McGee. I saw that as an opening statement from Dillingham, telling all of us that a new era of Duck offense had begun. Seeing the long balls yesterday, and watching our young receivers pulling down some seriously contested catches was so satisfying. And we’re just getting started. This offense is going to be something scary down the line.
  3. What's next, we're gonna NEED to root for the Huskies? Yeah, not gonna happen. I root for the Beavs in every game other than the Civil War, and even the thought of pulling for SC this year makes me barf in my mouth a little. If we win out, we will be in the playoff discussion. No need to root for the Trojans at all. In fact, I'll go ahead and root against them for the rest of the season.
  4. The Platypus Battle, or “The Platty” sounds good to me.
  5. Oh man. That first play. The double juke at the end reminded of another speedster who is pretty much the embodiment of Oregon explosiveness. The Black Mamba himself, DeAnthony Thomas. And it feels only natural for number 6 to be be followed by Seven. I had such high hopes for Moorhead's offense, but it never really seemed to get going and open things up. Let's just hope that Lanning and Dillingham do more than just pay lip service to bringing Oregon speed and explosiveness back to the offense.
  6. My first, gut-instinct reaction was to beat Georgia. To go into Atlanta and beat the reigning champs on national TV would be huge boost for the progrum, regardless of how we finish the season. But then I started overthinking it. Last year, Oregon beat Ohio State in the Horseshoe in what was to be the best game the Ducks played all season. It was all downhill after that. And I have a sneaking suspicion that winning that game was the spark that lit the fire under Miami going after Cristobal. So, upon further reflection, my preferred outcome is to give the Dawgs a helluva game, keep it close and even conjure up a fourth quarter comeback, but ultimately come up short. And then go on to rip through the PAC-12 on a rampage the likes of which have never been witnessed, leaving a trail of mayhem and destruction in our wake. Even Duck fans will be left slack-jawed at the wanton carnage. In other words, losing a close one to Georgia and then beating Utah along with every other team on the schedule sounds good to me.
  7. In most relationships, people will do their best to make the relationship work. In many cases this will involve either accepting, overlooking or even blocking out the flaws the other person has. However, once the relationship has soured or ended, we stop accepting, overlooking and blocking out those flaws. In fact, we tend focus on them. I feel like that's what is happening now with Cristobal and Duck fans. The relationship is over, and we're focusing in on the things we let slide in the past. Partly as a coping mechanism but also as a way of learning and hopefully growing.
  8. It feels like we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of bowl season as we know it. With opt-outs, the crazy coaching carousels, and covid cancellations, it just doesn’t feel exciting anymore. And the empty stadiums agree. This bowl lethargy could however, kick the expanded playoff discussion into a higher gear. The 6-6 bowls can disappear and the traditional bowls can be incorporated into an expanded playoff. Until then, these bowls just feel like B team scrimmages.
  9. Ooh, he really does look like Karl. Now we'll just have to see if he's more of a Bones McCoy, Judge Dredd or Billy Butcher?
  10. Is age a factor here? Could you imagine a guy like Moorehead working under a 34 year old first-time head coach? I have a gut feeling that Joe had a hard time being under Mario, and it’s not hard for me to imagine an older OC having problems taking orders from a “kid.”
  11. I just noticed that Lanning kind of resembled Andy is all. I’m pretty stoked on the hire actually. Then again, I remember being fairly optimistic about Slick Willie too. Didn’t mean to break any rules
  12. Andy Dwyer? "I have no idea what I’m doing but I know I do it really, really well."
  13. The writing was on the wall, but the Ohio State win had us all believing in a pipe dream. Well, this was the wake-up call. Deep down, none of us really thought we were a playoff caliber team this year. I was pulling for AB, but it turns out the haters were right. He's pedestrian.
  14. I honestly kind of hate when people blame refs for losing games, but hoo-boy, they sure did their best to make sure we lost today. To be fair, it should never have been as close as it was, and Mario bungled the endgame time-management yet again, but the refs sure did bail Stanford out on that last 4thQ drive. I think the refs alone accounted for 45 yards. Whatever. We were very clearly overrated and we all knew it. I still see a Rose Bowl in our future against a resurgent Michigan. It'll be fun to beat not only one, but two Big 10 blue bloods this year. GoDucks!
  15. Hi Charles, First of all, just let me say thank you for creating this forum. It’s been a great place where people who like staying on topic can read about football and not endless pun threads. It seems such a shame to shut it down, just as it’s getting started. While I can’t offer any miraculous solutions, maybe I can offer you some of your own advice. You and many other people in this community (myself included) have been pleading with our beloved head coach Mario Cristobal to be more of CEO and less of a micro-manager, and to relinquish more control over to his coordinators. Maybe you and Mario are more alike than you think. You and he have both created a successful “programs”. You created Fishduck.com, a troll-free place to analyze and talk about football and Mario a successful football recruiting powerhouse. And we’re all expecting both to do even better things. But in both cases, in order reach the next level, the CEO’s may both need to ease up a bit and allow their “babies” to grow, unfettered by constant oversight and control. I truly appreciate this new forum as a place to read and post thoughts on Ducks Football. I appreciate the uncluttered focus as well, so I understand why you’re wary of watching what you’ve lovingly and painstakingly built, decay into a cesspool. But you don’t have to bench the forum yet. Give it a chance to stand on it’s own two feet. By now, most of us on this forum know and follow the rules. We can self-monitor while you’re away, reporting any violations as they come up. If it devolves into wretched hive of scum and villainy, well, do what you gotta do. But at least give it a chance. Go Ducks!
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