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  1. I think these are great metrics for determining the 'greatness' and success of all the coaches as well as players. And when they have checked that list, then they can be called 'the greatest' or 'the best' or whatever. I think developing talent is something that has been lacking at UO for a while. I hope Lanning and Co. are the ones to fix it. There are so many sites and fans so focused on the immediate need for success. It's like a fever---the stats, the playoffs, the rankings and that's fine but it just doesn't interest me anymore. I don't care if they make the playoffs or the top ten. I don't care about the stats really, especially the first 5-6 weeks when it's filled with so much cupcake action. If they get to the Rose Bowl, I'm thrilled! I realize even those days are likely numbered with the conference and playoff changes that will happen. What I LOVE about college football is what we witnessed yesterday with Utah and USC: the play. The players. The suspense. The growth and maturation of both coaches and players, as the season marches on. I think I'm getting old, and I often miss the games of my youth.
  2. I think some of us are talking about two different things. I thought Charles took NJDuck's comment to mean Dan Lanning's 'youth', that being his age and position as a young head coach. I answered with that thought in mind. But I see others took it as 'the youth' of the team meaning, I guess, Lanning's recruits. I wasn't referring to players.
  3. This is a great question. I agree he seems like a veteran so far. I think his youth showed up in the Georgia game. Some time in the past week or so, Lanning said they expected too much from the team in the Georgia game. That they tried to give them too much info to get them game-ready. Maybe that's why they looked shell shocked and unprepared for much of the game. He made adjustments and the team was ready for the next games. Lanning, to me, seems aware of himself and ready to improve if necessary. He doesn't do a lot of needless talking and seems very composed for a young, new head coach. The coach that seems like he might find himself in a 'youth moment' is Dillingham, imo.
  4. I couldn't agree more! I thought the same thing after listening to him ... that he totally exudes the SC 'vibe'. They 'could have overtaken the game on several occasions', (but didn't...haha!)
  5. Wow! Yes, it is a lot of work! And about posters liking the rules until they are applied to them...just like teenagers, LOL! I can see your frustration. I guess it's also a reflection of our times. There is little respect for others in general. Rules are 'stupid' for many. Civility as a state of mind is lacking. Fans yell phrases because they are either drunk or mind numbed. There is only so much personal accountability, and for a lot of people it doesn't go very far. Thanks, again, for all your hard work, Charles!
  6. If you want to change behavior, I don't think you can ask people to speak benevolently towards current players and coaches, censoring them if they don't, and yet be fine with name calling and value judgments on previous coaches, players or other teams coaches and players. You're asking for non-emotional reactions to an emotional game, which is fine, but is it realistic? Might it be better to ask for no name calling at all and be 'high brow', as you put it, regarding all others as well? As to the examples, the first one is obvious, as many have mentioned. The second one is fine as far as I'm concerned. These aren't grade schoolers and maybe he was horrible. Maybe the post could be explained that he/she is talking about the play, but to me, this is unnecessary micro-management. I think posters here know the reference was to game play, and I doubt a parent would be offended over it. The third one--you ask if it refers to intelligence and I'd say no, it doesn't. For me, it means violent. A better metaphor could be found, but is that necessary and does it require censoring and the work that goes with it? If management wants to censor, my opinion is that you should just do it, no emailing and explanations necessary. The forum rules are posted and clear. Thanks for the forum, Charles!
  7. Yeah, streaming isn't hard. You can hunt on Youtube for just about any 'how to', or just type a question in your search engine and come up with a million suggestions for whatever it is you need.
  8. Yes, I watched the Chargers game on Prime and didn't have any problems. Well, except that Herby just talks and talks and talks these days!
  9. I'd be fine with streaming. I cut cable and got a Roku player for about $25 at Walmart. When I signed up for YouTube TV, I got 3 free weeks and then the next 3 months with a discount--$55 a month and then it bumps up to $65. This is much less than cable and most conferences are on it along with all the Fox and ESPN stations plus a lot of pro games and other assorted fare. Considering both cable and game tickets, the price is right. You can also record the games and keep them on an online library. As for Amazon Prime, I'd probably do it for football season and then cancel because I think YouTube TV is more versatile.
  10. Very insightful, especially the last couple sentences. I don't see your post as doom and gloom, but some necessary reflection.
  11. While it's certainly true it takes time to get used to a new system and is to be expected, it's discouraging that Lanning's superior recruiting (?) has brought us a seasoned 4th year QB who can't get a touchdown against a very good team. We're supposed to wait while he learns some more? Add to that a repeat of not playing the backups. Overall, the team has regressed. I'm fully ready to support a mediocre team while this systems transition happens. What I can't support is this whole QB baloney. I watched OSU-Boise State last night and the backup QB, a freshman, came in and did a superb job, bringing some inspiration and team play up a level, and forcing the Beavs to put their starters back on the field. They discussed the QB competition in camp where there was a real competition, the result being there was no FEAR to put the backup in the game to jolt some action. But Oregon? Fearful of the QB position.
  12. I think this is the exact reason that you play your backup in a game like today to get him necessary game experience and especially against a very good team. We needed 7 TD's to win and Nix couldn't get us ONE. If the back ups weren't good enough, then why are they still here? As backups, can they rise to the challenge if Nix gets hurt? If they can't, then this is a glaring weakness in recruiting.
  13. Well, this just confirms my suspicion that we were misled and there was never a QB competition for starter. This is Anthony Brown, 2.0 while letting those other recruits hang out on the practice squad. Ducks have made a habit of not signing freshmen QB's they want to play, and dive back into recruiting transfers and graduates like it's some panacea.
  14. While I agree with you, I have some concern that the team is not as "resilient" as Lanning stated they are in his post game shorty radio interview. They looked stunned all game long, and I didn't see measurable adjustments at the half. Helloooo...tackling?? Sheesh!
  15. I call baloney that there actually was a QB competition for starter during camp.
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