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  1. I agree with you. They were and still are inspiring. I think a lot of that started at UO with men like Len Casanova and Bill Bowerman and the principles they adhered to while coaching that carried on through life. My dad desperately wanted to play football but was unable to due to having contracted polio at age 14. Still, he was a big Duck Football fan and struck up a relationship with Casanova. He mentored many even though some never played.
  2. Excellent comments, Haywarduck. Relentless, smart, leave it all on the field, no boundaries just opportunities--all good attitudes for life!
  3. Good article, Charles, and thanks for bringing up some points I've been considering since the Lanning hype began. I've seen enough coaches come and go that I'm fairly skeptical of anything a program promises, intends or allows the media to trumpet on their behalf-- see the number 3 rank for the Ducks last season and the enormous let-down when fans realized we weren't anywhere close. I think Lanning will be a fine coach over a period of time. I'm not expecting much from his first two seasons and may be pleasantly surprised and glad if he exceeds my expectations. The problem here, I think, is not that he is selling us dreams that won't be fulfilled, it's that fans are generally unrealistic and expect all the moving parts to perform on command. Mario sold the idea that he could command that sort performance and fans/donors believed it. They also believed the shiny talk from Taggert. They use recruiting stars as supply to keep the fanatical addiction alive. Fans want "to believe" rather than watch and enjoy as it unfolds. Sure, we can dream, but we get out over our skis to our own dissatisfaction. The coaches still need to coach, make adjustments, and coach again. Players need to play up to their star potential and then get better. Most importantly, they need to WIN and let their on field action be determinative of what they can achieve.
  4. I totally agree. TOTALLY. Seriously? Collectives already set up to help pay for players to come to UO?? If NIL as it is doesn't break the camel's back, this certainly will.
  5. Ha! Herbert still amazes analysts, but not Aaron Fentress. Typical.
  6. I grew up in a Duck family, so I had little choice! My grandfather was a big football fan and supporter followed by my dad. My first game was the first Autzen game in 1967. We had football season tickets for decades up until the Great Recession when it became impossible to maintain. Great memories! I got really bit by the basketball bug while attending UO during the Kamikaze Kids era. A few of us would get in line very early to get the seats of our choice, and then we waited. First for the JV or Women's game and then for the main event. So much fun!
  7. I have always assumed this was Altman's motto from the beginning. He has always asked a lot of his players and for many years, they have responded. I wonder what part NIL played in this season's results. Was it a threat to team cohesiveness? Did NIL chatter sway their determination? Was it a 'behind the scenes' distraction?
  8. All the comments here are very helpful, and I'll just add my two cents for consideration. We live in a world where accountability by many is absent. You already know that, and by having a forum which then requires not only accountability but a good measure of communication skills, it's automatically going to come up against a wall of opposition. You can't let this surprise you and bring you down. You can't waste your time trying to teach the masses how to post here. You have been asking people to work on their communication skills and many have responded, which is great and is something to be proud of. Focus on that! So, rely on your rules and forget the rest. Don't spend time and energy trying to explain yourself. Don't let it emotionally drain you. And don't get suckered into taking it personally. Having had my own blog and participated in many, I know that's easier said than done, but it's absolutely necessary to keep yourself from burning out for the wrong reasons. There is no reason to engage a dialog that states: "but I didn't know the rules". When my oldest son was a pre-teen, he would frequently try to argue his way into getting his way. I heard his views and he knew mine, but on "the rules" and some decisions, my views trumped his. He often tried to trap me in the arguments that went on and on and often repeated with hooks to get me to explain again. It was draining. I found the only way to move on was for him to see I wasn't rattled, and my decision/rules would stand. I then changed the subject. I didn't allow myself to get pulled back into the drama. This forum is unique and insightful, and may it continue!
  9. I think the interview with Chip buys him more time at UCLA. I don't think they want to lose him, especially to another Pac!2 school, and I don't think he really wants to come back here.
  10. Hey, wait----I thought Phil was the life blood of the program?
  11. I was just thinking this! It was a sobering thought for the people so sure of themselves and their new palace, er, arena that all the A-listers didn't want to come to Eugene. I wonder if the same thing is happening again?
  12. Well, one could make an argument that the past three hires have included some level of incompetence. Might have something to do with owner influence.
  13. I think this is very true. Also, look around and watch all the teams using some version of tempo, RPO and switching players in and out and I think much of that can be at least partly due to Chip. He was doing some recruiting by proxy!
  14. I've wondered about this because Azzinaro was good here. If I remember correctly, he started out at Oregon as the defensive line coach while Allioti was the DC? As DC at UCLA, maybe he doesn't resonate as much with all the players. Plus, he seemed to demand a lot of his players and maybe they don't take to the same kind of instruction as they did at UO. Just pondering...
  15. The transfer portal could be likened to a pre-certified used vehicle!!
  16. Well, "most successful coach" Chip had to cheat to do it. No Chip. No Kiffan.
  17. Chip at UCLA has been an interesting experiment. I bet they thought he'd recreate the magic there too. Why would he do anything better now? Has he been holding out on the Bruins?
  18. I suspect that after a couple years of Mario ball, Miami will ask him to be the AD and put to use his best talent: salesmanship.
  19. I will remember this 'era' as: Taggert, Part Two. All word salad with a dash of flash and a lot of wasted talent.
  20. Yes, I agree. Do we really need to be elite?
  21. Until they find a new HC, and provided they don't have one already, I think the team needs an interim coach. Bowl game prep to actually be ready to play is obviously important, but beyond that I think they need some inspiration and excitement to get through this period and not automatically think 'transfer portal'. I'm assuming the lackluster performance on Friday had a lot to do with the possibility of MC leaving. Maybe Bellotti could be coaxed into the interim job?
  22. Just some random thoughts. Oregon needs a coach that has a sense of loyalty, at least to his own 'system' and what he proclaims to want to build and not to a coach who's dream job resides in another state or school. MC had all the tools necessary to build his brand and get to the CFP and he coug-ed it. When real adversity struck, he ran away. Good riddance! Canzano's article today had some great points. Notice that he mentions Phil and the contract extension but never mentions AD Mullens in the article. Mullens is the administrator but the coach hires are the domain of the money guys. THOSE are the guys responsible for the hires since Kelly and once again Oregon will be saddled with their thinking, good or bad. Hopefully they'll make a wise choice this time and not get played again. Recruiting was MC's high characteristic but I suggest that recruiting as we've known it has really lessened in the level of importance due to the the transfer portal. If players can skip around from school to school, it's incumbent on the program/school to have some greater importance than facilities and star players. Coaching skills, determination, energy, flexible thinking/strategizing and focus in an HC are more important. Oregon needs a coach that will "bleed green" and not some high flyer from outside the flock. Just my opinion.
  23. To you, Charles, and all the mods--a big thanks for all you do here. Happy Thanksgiving!
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