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  1. Can't remember which game it was, but I saw Ty hand off to the RB, and proceed to stand there and watch the play. Bo would've been in the scrum making a block. Hopefully he gets some fire in his belly.
  2. I preferred Ashford over the two that stayed. While he has his issues, at least he is making plays on the field.
  3. This makes me thankful I decided Fubo was the best option for me, instead of Sling.
  4. Disney, ESPN, and others dropped from Dish and Sling TV due to contract dispute - The Verge WWW.THEVERGE.COM You can’t watch ESPN on Dish or Sling TV right now.
  5. If Oregon gets to here, they're 12-1. They will be in the 3 - 5 range, and playoff bound.
  6. It feels like in the last few years, we looked to our big time players to make plays on Defense. Now it feels like they're learning how to play Team Defense. If everyone follows the "Do Your Job" mentality, this D should be right as rain by Bowl Season.
  7. Yet I keep seeing the familiar old tune of "Blame the OC". How many times can you blame the OC before it lands in your lap as HC?
  8. Nice to see Franklin, Thornton, Hutson, Chase, Bucky, & Ferguson all get big plays downfiled. So many weapons to choose from.
  9. I love what Franklin & Cota are doing, but what's wrong with Dont'e Thornton, Kris Hutson, & Seven? The three of them seem to be non-existent.
  10. They show up for me, but it's not interactive. Can't click on them at all.
  11. Irving, Cardwell, & Dollars stand out the most. Need more time to get a true pecking order from there.
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