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  1. I did watch the game and was relieved for him that they won in the end. Happy especially since he beat Pete Carroll's team (what we call SeaChickens around the house). If not, the fumble and INT (both MM's fault) would surely haunt him. He was very sharp throwing the ball in the game, definitely looking more like a mature NFL QB, but needs to take care of the ball. That was one of his issues at OBD and still looks to be his thing, unfortunately.
  2. Unless you are TT or JButter, that is... Don't really what to make of the situation, esp. with Nix performing at this level. He can stay one more year at OBD right? And we have another 5-star coming in?
  3. Here is one word to describe the WSU team I saw Saturday - Creative! I have never seen so many trick plays in a game before. It's a wonder that OBD D kept up with them throughout the game... Without that INT, we all know what the outcome could have been... Whew!
  4. Hopefully I don't jinx - but I feel that OBD this year under this coaching staff should be able to overcome Furd. No more prevent-O! I mean, even the fuskies beat them big...
  5. Sorry if I miss someone already sharing this... This was icing on the cake for me Saturday after the OBD win. CFB Analyst Has Blunt Message For 5-Star Quarterbacks Considering Playing For Mario Cristobal - The Spun: What's Trending In The Sports World Today THESPUN.COM CBS Sports' Todd Fuhrman has a warning for any potential blue chip quarterback prospects that may be thinking about coming to Miami to play for Mario
  6. Yeah, saw him do that in garbage time in Q4 when we were up 38-20. Couldn't believe my eyes! Definitely like hard-playing kids like that. Keep up the good work, Bo!
  7. I only watched the start of the Miama-aTm game. Didn't see the result until today. During the first quarter, I was surprised that Mario's prevent-O seemed to be moving the ball well. They actually rarely ran up the middle into a pile like the OBD did last season. But I guess he must have let his tail shown later on in the game as his team managed only 9 pts. Ouch and good riddance!
  8. Agreed - We are fans of both ND and OBD. It was tough to watch the game last Saturday. Their offense was very painful, similar the Mario prevent-offense. Freeman just didn't seem to have much of a clue and couldn't adjust (sound familiar?). So yeah, he may not last long there, but I would expect ND to give him at least a whole season if not more. They also might have lost their starting QB in the game. So this will be a tough season. Unfortunately we are flying there to see the Cal game this weekend. It would be our first ND game in person. I guess we will at least get to experience the atmosphere of the large stadium and compare it with our experiences at Autzen. All else fails, we still get to see our daughter for a family reunion...
  9. Ok, I am happy to see how wrong I was with my 17-13 score prediction. Go Ducks!
  10. Oregon 17-13, 1,1,150 Expect less, be disappointed less...
  11. Hoping for being on the other side of that 2015 game?
  12. Unfortunately, Mario is having a "last laugh" moment now coz his team managed to win at tOSU... Also sad that this seems to be a continuation of the bad team at the end of last season - 4th blowout loss in 5 games. If any bright side - this game is good for my bp, as there is absolutely no hope for OBD.
  13. I am going to be honest - I think many of us dislike USC mostly because they are rich, prestigious and have more FB tradition and success. I got to think that played a huge part in his decision to defect. Understandable from his perspective. Hard pill to swallow for fans of OBD. In this case, he handled it pretty well I think. No need for us to get worked up over this. We are bigger than him, aren't we?
  14. All these hype and expectations are fun, but meaningless until next Saturday evening. On paper we have a great team, but didn't it feel the same last 2 years pre-season? We do need to cut Lanning some slack and try to avoid snap judgments like many of us levied on AB last season. What a fun but again nerve-racking time to be an OBD fan! I wonder if it's like this be a Bama or tOSU fan?
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