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  1. This is the most beautiful car made, and I happen to have one in my driveway. Needs a bath and to put the cover back on. I do drive it once in a while. 2019+mustang+bullitt - Bing WWW.BING.COM Find high-quality images, photos, and animated GIFS with Bing Images
  2. I have to say I have been going to the ATL for two decades several times a year for work. I am always in my Duck gear, and have no bad things to say about the people, the food is dangerously good, specially Spondivits, for you ducks going for the game put that place on your list of must go eat at. One of the best in the area. I will be out that way this coming Monday in full duck gear as always. Take time to see the College football hall of fame, and the PTC is on my short list of retirement locations, something about driving golf carts around the city is appealing. Go Ducks!
  3. I think that was due to the scheme that Cristobol employed, run tough through the tackles, Dye was fast, and shifty when he did hit space, but he was bouncing off tacklers at the line, and was hard to get his feet under him to then make that cut, we saw him do it when he went untouched, 30 to 40 yard gains.
  4. Pay for play for players. I think they should then pull scholarships, they can pay their own way like every other student. I am not a fan of the NIL. I think this is a disaster, that will only get worse as time goes on.
  5. I think we will see a more honest competition at quarterback than the previous coaching staff.
  6. Could he not beat him out, or was it Cristobol and what he wanted, no one knows, but I think transferring is a telling story of what went on in the QB room, and frustrations of the receivers towards the end of the season was very telling.
  7. I am leaving work early, told Director of HR that it is Alamo bowl time. Her daughter also went to UO, so she basically said if they lose you will be hung over tomorrow so don't bother coming in. We laughed, then started plotting to go see the Stanford game. Win, lose or draw, I want to se UO show up, I want to see AB play like he can hit 70% passes and them over 3 yards. I want to see Dye and Cardwell pop off 100 yards minimum each, and Sewell and Dorlus sack sack sack
  8. I don't think we will know how good a recruiter Lanning is until next recruiting cycle at the earliest. I think a year in the position to see how the system works, and where pieces fit, then he goes after what is needed to elevate it. In my opinion next recruiting cycle will be telling.
  9. I think in some cases development of a player based on the staff is the issue. I also think CFB and NFL is the new drugs, almost a get rich quick scheme. the hype around 5* playing and in high school they were the best around, then that gets whittled down in College where you have better players, then again int he NFL when it is the best of the best. Some end up addicted to their own hype, and don't think they need to put in the effort. In other cases, coaches just don't develop, which is something I believe Oregon had an issue with regarding Cristobol. Some of the big names did not develop and some of the blue collar kids did not as well. Is that coaching or lack of skill. Oregon has had coaches that coached up their teams, I don't think with all the talent Oregon has they were really coached up. They won being more talented, not better coached or tougher.
  10. I think what bothers me is the opt outs. it is kind of more like an exhibition game for the next years team. With so many players opting out for possible NFL run, it becomes anticlimactic to even watch them. I can say, I have watched zero bowl games this year, which is not typical for me. I generally watch as many as I can, and stream them while at work if I can.
  11. In my humble but non fact checked opinion was I don't think the former staff was developing the talent and using them correctly. I think the new staff, with a different outlook, won't just take a transfer player and anoint them as starter. I hope they look at the talent, build game plans and plays around that talent and utilize it and then coach, really coach them and develop that talent. The reality is, no opponent feared the Oregon offense. After Stonybrook hanging around, it really showed Oregon was not to be feared on offense, and if you just modified defense just a bit, they could not beat you over the top, or mid routes. Yeah one or two would get through but by then the defense was tired and the opposing teams could march up and down without a problem. We will see what happens in the future. I don't think Nix wins the job, I am not sure the type of offense of Dillingham runs, but I would not mind seeing Ashford or Thompson win that job. I would not be surprised if we don't see Butterfield transfer after the Spring game. I could also see Thompson transferring if he does not get the job and if Nix does win it, I think there will be a lot of grumbling by fans and players. Oregon has talent, it needs to be developed. I hope Lanning and his staff focuses on developing the young players, not just hand over keys to transfers.
  12. I believe if I remember correctly Oregon has an entire group for the NIL and to help players navigate it. Headed up by former players and others.
  13. Are they even relevant and do they even deserve any of our time? They should be relegated to little sister status, hand them a conciliatory lollipop and pat on the head the head and say good little girl now go sit on the bench so big brother can get things done for the Pac.
  14. My thought on Hiring Wilcox or Kelley was a move to go backwards over time. With the transfer portal, I think we would have seen even more transfers if either one was hired. I think it has already been shown that Lanning is good, he convinced 7 to stay, which was huge. I do not think Kelly or Wilcox would have, nor do I think they would have recruited well this year or next year and with the transfer portal, I don't think the fall of Oregon would have been several years, we would have fallen from 10-3 to 8-5 maybe in the first year. Not knocking either, but they would have been a step back. I personally am stoked over the hire, much more so than a Wilcox or Kelley or even a Kiffin, was not a big fan of him.
  15. After listening to former players, and current players and parents, and hearing what Joey had to say, Conzano is a dumb dumb, in y opinion he is a walking talking reason why coaches don't stay for what he did, and what he tried to infer with his article on the letter. I completely get what the former players were saying, but Oregon was. built on innovation, taking risks. Even the coaches of old took risks with their hires, and play, the one thing they did well was coach up the players. I think Cristobol had an issue with coaching up players, he expected 5 stars to play like it right out the gate, and one or two will, but ones that needed coaching, he either did not play, or said they were not ready and let em sit.
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