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  1. For whatever this is worth. Oregon fans would be amazed by the amount of Dawgs fans watching your game vs BYU right now. we want to see y’all send em back to Provo hurtin.
  2. Ducks are going to be fine after they shake off this whipping. Playing EW will cure some of the questions. What is the old saying about not as good or bad as it seems, or something like that. I don't think the Ducks are a bad team, I just think we/UGA may be a pretty good team. Regarding Kirbys comments about Lanning getting better players, maybe CKS should have said that Dan nereds to get MORE better players...UGA has a lot of really good players. My wifes cousin is Ladd McConkey and that kid came from a little podunk mountain school in north Georgia and they had another kid just like him; on any Friday night in Georgia, you can go to a super HS or a little mountain HS or a south Georgia "pulp wood" HS, and they will be loaded with kids that will play on Saturday afternoon. I have seen as many as 7-8 D1 kids on one team. It is mindboggling. All that talent makes it easy for SEC schools to recruit well. And then those same universities will go to California, Texas, or even Maryland and get good players to compliment the local fare. Oregon is going to be ok. just move on to the next game. Good luck!
  3. Y’all ain’t a bad team. I truly believe that. It’s just we were better than y’all thought.
  4. Sorry bro. I was trying to compliment. Burnout offense is really fast. Across the board fast, not just skill guys but not the hogs too. Gotta be in down here.
  5. He’s stark to his point, but he knows what UGA has and doesn’t have and the advantages. He usually knows what opponents have too. Whether he is right or not we won’t know for another 20 hours or so. The short of it is ; he pointed out the positional match winners and losers.
  6. Graham Coffey is one of the better UGA analyst out there; he’s right far more than he is wrong. He is a Georgia boy, but he doesn’t tend to show a lot of bias. He knows the Dawgs and football inside and out, and researches opponents thoroughly. You may not like it, but he points out some very valid and sometimes overlooked points. This is the most complete one I have seen. UGA-Oregon Advanced Stat/Scheme Preview - Explaining How Dawgs vs Ducks Plays Out on the Field - Inside UGA With Graham Coffey - Dawgs Central Community WWW.DAWGSCENTRAL.COM This is The Advanced Stat/Film Preview column that will appear on Thursday of every game week on...
  7. This season Smart didn’t take any portal transfers. Actually kind of nice that he has enough confidence in the recruited kids on the roster that he didn’t have to seek anything more.
  8. Caleb was the only portal offer extended. We didn’t look at anyone else
  9. So, from what I am reading it seems like y'all have more confidence in your defense? Is that accurate?
  10. Hers's an admittedly, very confident response from me regarding our TE's. You probably should be terrified. If I were a betting man, I'd place a bet on those dudes nullifying any advantage you get with Sewell and Flowe. I have a feeling NS & JF won't be able to cover them.
  11. I think you're correct. But Kirby tends to get a lot of mileage out of the 3* guys too.
  12. The edge guys are where we are pretty strong at....Nolan Smith is special " on the watchlist for the Outland Trophy (nation's top interior lineman) and Bronko Nagurski Trophy (nation's top defender)...second-team pre-season All-America selection by Athlon Sports." He's all conference this year. Both he and Beal are seniors with a bunch of snaps played. The rotation is pretty good with a good amount of experience too; Chaz Chambliss is a thumper as is MJ Sherman. I have been looking forward to seeing both Chambliss and Sherman get more snaps. There is one guy in the middle to watch, Jamon Dumas-Johnson, aka; "Pop" They say the nickname is because he looks so much older than everyone else, but I am not so sure about the origin of the name.
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