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  1. I agree. Richardson, Williams and Omoruyi aren't getting it done here lately. Coach Altman needs to light a fire under those guys before it's time to dance. Duarte alluded to it during the post game interview. He said the team needs to play with more energy. They need all 5 guys on the floor to play with the same energy that Duarte and Figueroa are putting out. Another great win though!
  2. Anybody catch the reason that Yovan wasn't playing? I tuned in a little late and never heard the guy calling the game mention anything about him. A few of the young relief pitchers looked pretty solid.
  3. It was looking like the ol' Ducks offense there for a while.....just couldn't get much solid contact. Getting blanked by Seattle pitching would of looked really bad. Great night of hitting for Zavala.
  4. To me it's simple.....turnovers are the reason Shough lost the confidence of the coaches. Turnovers are the reason Shough had to transfer. Will Shough turn the ball over at the same clip at Texas Tech? Only time will tell.
  5. I agree that this is the key to sport (unbridled intensity)........particularly football. For a specific example consider that this is the reason a guy like Brady Breeze excelled over what seemed like other more physically gifted players. As for being conned, I can see your point but don't think it to be the literal case. However, much improvement can and should be made regarding the preparedness and intensity of the coaching staff. On another note regarding the conditioning. I have contemplated whether Feld and company are overly concerned with getting jacked and building muscle ma
  6. I am with BDF on this. Play the long game.....the smart game. Start Thompson now and within a few seasons reap the rewards of a well thought out decision. In my mind Butterfield has already transferred. It's in his best interest and I don't/won't blame him for it. Obviously play the best we can and give it a 110% in the upcoming season and believe we can win every game to make the playoff and win the championship..... but the reality is that stopgaps at a a position like QB don't cut it in this highly competitive sport. And based on what we saw in the COVID season it seems there is
  7. I disagree. It's more than one position and QB isn't the main position in need. The main position is probably deficit two players and it's the defensive line. We need two big maulers up front to keep offenses below 75 yards a game rushing. We could also use help at safety. QB is in question but I think the answers will come soon once TT gets rolling, though we likely will have to wait a year or two till we are competitive enough to make the playoffs. Our main issue is the same issue it has been during the past few decades of Ducks football. Where are the big gnarly mean br
  8. For a minute there it looked as though Kepnang might fill this role. He heats up for short periods but it doesn't seem like he is getting enough time on the court to get into and stay in a rhythm. This game for the Ducks looked to be a case of just simply not coming out mentally and physically prepared at the beginning. Perhaps too much travel and rigamarole the past several weeks.....but no excuses.....they just came out flat footed and essentially pooped the bed.
  9. Marcel will have no trouble as family culture and actually caring is what is bolstering the recruiting. This is especially helpful when it comes to Ohana for the islanders. Oregon is one of the main schools for the Polynesian kids and that makes sense considering the connection between the great states of Hawaii and Oregon. Over the years the cultures in these states have meshed as well as any. Mellow/easy going, humble and trustworthy people are what our states pride ourselves in. Eventually those types of values pay off when meeting with parents and such.
  10. Men's bball team is classic Altman again....I love it. Over their past five games they have held their opponents to an average of 63.8 pts/game and 40.54% shooting from the field. How about the 40 to 25 advantage in the past five games when it comes to combining the steals/blocks stats. Quintessential scrappy, disruptive and in your face defense........Altman is probably really stoked. I think he likes winning these low scoring kind of ugly close games.............not that different from another coach we know.
  11. 2020 was all about turnovers for the Ducks. On both sides. They lost the turnover battle badly. A sign of inexperience and nerves in my mind. Hopefully something we will see turn around in future seasons.
  12. Yeah.....I'm more on the 2022 or even 2023 bandwagon. I personally think if we get our expectations too high for next season we will be taking a hard fall back down to earth. We are likely to lose a few that we should easily win and barely win a few that should of been blow out wins. So kind of like this past COVID season.
  13. Hope I am wrong in my assessment and he starts every game at QB next season. If he can lead the team to the promise land then I am all for him doing that. But my research has led me to believe that Thompson has the higher ceiling.
  14. Personally I am a bit surprised on the focus of football. I don't like his chances of seeing much time on the field......if any in that sport. On the other hand he could be one of the best baseball players the Ducks have ever had and be a top draft pick. I have often pondered why athletes pick football over baseball. From a media hype standpoint it makes sense, but other than that and the potential for slightly bigger paychecks it doesn't make sense to me. Baseball offers a much more sustainable path for the human body to age and provides less but still comparable pay days. I m
  15. It was just too coincidental not to realize this is why Shough pulled the plug. The question now becomes how many other heads will be turned and lead to entry into the portal......Ashford? Butterfield? Does anyone want to be a backup QB in this day and age? Not likely. Seems like Brown is willing to at least for one more year, but perhaps he wins the spot this season. If I were Cristobal though I would go with Thompson right from the get go this year realizing he will have failures and the team may lose several games. I would play for the longer term success of the team though.
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