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  1. The thing about Sitake is his ability to get Poly players. Other then that I am not sure what the hype is all about.
  2. Have you seen the d line guys they can get at Georgia? I think it's more about that then it is about the coach, but what do I know.
  3. This would be my big concern. No connection, no ties to anything in the PNW, or the entire west coast for that matter. He will be looking for a head coach gig in the SEC within a few years. I like the idea on paper, but the thought of continuing on this carousel just makes me nauseous. This is what I don't get. Seems as many fans are vehemently against Wilcox a local guy and a Duck, but they are willing to jump on some complete strangers band wagon in an instant. A guy with no head coaching experience....no track record at all.
  4. Chip was supposed to be bringing in Spencer Rattler. I am guessing that is on pause while Spencer figures out where Chip is going to be.
  5. My wife just said she will start watching the Ducks again if they hire Chip Kelly back. So now I am all in on the Chipster coming back home. My wife stopped watching during the 2016 season and couldn't stomach slick or cristobails offenses enough to keep watching. Maybe my kids will even start watching if we are scoring 45 a game with many explosive plays.
  6. Hate to see Oregonian players decommit more than anything. His brother Lamar was a great and loyal Duck. This one hurts and honestly I am really surprised. He will end up at USC I am nearly certain of it.
  7. So many people in this day and age think it's ALL about recruiting. Cristo-bail proved it's not. I would much rather do more with less than less with more. Miami is in for a harsh reality over the next few years. Talk about sticker shock. We are actually really fortunate that Mario left as I am certain we were looking at doing less with more for the foreseeable future. I think Mycah Pittman and the other receivers attitudes were an obvious and direct result of less with more.
  8. Yep, it's not healthy. I have begun to reflect upon this myself. My wife and children have said as much themselves. What will be will be. While I would love to see the Ducks win a NC, I think we all may need to resign ourselves to the fact that the chances are actually quite slim. I am considering taking a long break from Ducks sports, as I am not sure all the angst has been good for me or my family.
  9. Yep.....all this. How about Ryan Day? Let's devastate tOSU twice in the same season.
  10. Glad to have you here. Definitely no viruses over here and when they pop up they are swiftly overrun by the powerful OBD immune system.
  11. Totally agree Charles and I apologize for not restraining myself further when another poster attacked me earlier. I couldn't take it.......I had to stand up for myself. Without a doubt though this is a green refuge and I wouldn't want it any other way. Many thanks to you and the moderators for all your work!!!!
  12. Not me as much as several of the players and their parents. I am good with him going, but he definitely told some stretchers to kids and their parents about what he was building at Oregon. I am actually really happy he left because I grew so tired of watching his offense I actually considered not watching any longer. So.........people lie and are deceitful...........and they get called out........
  13. Simply because he is another snake, just like slick and Mario. It's more of the same. Personally I would like to get off the carousel. Coaching wise it seems to make sense, but I care more about the program as a whole then just wins and losses. My belief is that if we do the right thing and invest in Oregonians then things will work themselves out eventually. I actually think we would be really surprised by the success a Wilcox + Musgraves + Sirmon + Heyward + Mcclendon team would have with the roster we have. Heyward and Mclendon are nationally recognized recruiters. Time to stop chasing rainbows..........it's insane.
  14. Cristobal heavy handed on the offensive strategy. Potentially a micromanager? For several years many of us have speculated on why the offense seemed so boring and plodding. I do believe we were right all along. Good riddance to Mario Cristobal and his antiquated offensive strategy.
  15. What's the definition of insanity? Making the same mistake over and over and expecting a different outcome. Bringing Lane Kiffin to Oregon is insanity.
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