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  1. I'd suggest Chris Miller should be on this list, but not near the top. Anyone who can start for 10 seasons in the NFL should be on a list like this. Same for Anthony Newman.
  2. I would guess that Lanning has talked with Moorhead and the result of that talk was to bring in someone game ready. Why he felt it was needed, I do not know, but he doesn't strike me as the type of guy to strut into a room and throw down a challenge to the people already there.
  3. Great analysis and I do agree for the most part, however, I don't think Cristobal was necessarily selling something he didn't believe. From witnessing his poor coaching decisions and stubborn adherence to offensive strategies that didn't work, I think he was just not competent enough to create the offense he was trying to sell. Nor was he able to admit that and defer to brighter offensive minds.
  4. I'd love to know how anyone would think Oregon's blood is blue? The players are not knocking the program, but they have more right to do that than anyone else. They played the games right? They were in the locker rooms. How many of us can say that? Ripping the opinion of former players is amazing to me . I believe the letter writers want to acknowledge how Brooks, Bellotti, and Kelly neared the top of the mountain (they didn't make it remember?) with the help of staff who bled Oregon green. They had been through the bad and the good. They knew how to squeeze every once out of a Duck football player to get success. Almost all of those staff were dismissed by Taggart. How're we doing since? Won some Pac-12 championships against Clay "Who?" Helton and Jimmy "Slappy" Lake. I think they wanted to emphasize the loyalty and shared vision that they saw in those who coached them and incidentally, got to the Natty in the first place. As much as I hate to say it, the only brand unto its own in the college football world is Alabama.
  5. Well Cristobal had HC experience and he was a poor in game coach.
  6. Not that my opinion makes a difference, but I am good with the hire. Splashy? Big name?? No, but I'm not so sure hiring a head coach from another big name program is a great idea. Calling Kevin Sumlin! Seems to me if things are great, they would stay and if they were great their school would want them to stay. Going home is a nice story MC, but how many coaches going back to their previous school or alma mater have turned out awesome? Taggert? Frost?? Harbaugh??? (6 years to get Michigan to the playoff is not a success in my book). I have watched recruiting over the years and it seems to me you have two choices. Be so good that no matter your age, they want to play for you or be young, talk their talk, and get them excited. Oregon is not in a position to get the former and anyone who thinks we can pull Sweeney or Urban Meyer is delusional. The latter comes with the danger of them having success and leaving for another job. I don't place Taggert or Cristobal in this category. Their rep got them their next supposed upgrade. I would be shocked that if Lanning is a long term hire. He has too much upside and has so much time to grow. I do think that this is the future of college football. That means the administration needs to have a "program" in place. I think we are close. Lots of kids say we are their dream school which to me says if Oregon stays on top of where their coaches stand, we can make a shift to a new one without losing too much momentum. I don't think Mullens has us in this position, but maybe he will learn. Or maybe not, but we did get Lanning fairly quickly considering. In the mean time, perhaps we should change our end of 3rd quarter song from "Shout" to this: RIP Michael Nesmith
  7. Ummm yeah, we used to be known for that.......I am fine with it and hoping as he makes a great OC hire.
  8. While they did have a seemingly tough defense this year, I think it is only fair to include the final SEC game of the year in the stats. Alabama laid 41 on his defense. Heck, that is more than Utah put up against Oregon either time they kicked our butt.
  9. I strongly doubt he kept our young QBs on the bench out of the goodness of his heart.
  10. I hope for his sake he doesn't get "Diaz'ed" some day. I can't think of a more classless move by an athletic department.
  11. Would have been nice if every once in a while he slowed down enough to actually see what was happening in the game and coached accordingly.
  12. I dislike it in general, especially since football is what paid for their time at school, but I understand it. Nothing good can come out of that game for KT, but plenty bad can (Injury). I wonder how NIL "sponsors" will feel about such things?
  13. I find it quite ironic that the coach of the two things MC prioritized the least is our interim. A plea for the young WRs and QBs to stay?
  14. I do agree for the most part regarding loyalty or the lack thereof and am a big OC Helfrich fan, but I kind of think he Larry Coker'd it to the Natty. Sorry, poor choice of coach/university considering the state of things, but I believe that he too rode the coattails of those who came before him and the longer he was in charge, the worse the team was becoming.
  15. I wonder how he feels as a fellow coach, much less a fellow cuban-american, to be considering a school who's administration has left a bowl bound coach (Diaz) hanging out to dry while they pursue him? If it can happen to Diaz, it can happen to their next coach. I'm sure it has occurred in the past, but I can't remember a similar situation.
  16. Why on earth would TT want to follow MC anywhere? I don't think hand offs and 2 yard checkdown passes are what he has in mind for his college career.
  17. Been planning a family vacation to S Cal for the Rose Bowl and some winter sunshine. Before last night's game, I even checked out what to do in San Antonio in case we just couldn't pull out the win. After the performance last night, we'll still be going to SCal and catch a Charger's game. I have a feeling I won't be the only Duck fan choosing not to go to the Alamo Bowl what with the product Cristobal is putting on the field.
  18. Dear Miami, Please take him. PS enjoy the recruiting wins. They are all likely all you'll get.
  19. For a coach who prides himself on his big, bad OL, the fact that we barely ran the ball in the first half clearly shows MC's limitations as a coach. In no way could Moorhead be behind this complete 180 in play calling. He is not that stupid, nor would MC let him. MC is a heck of a recruiter though. All those 4-5 stars look great running around without the ball in their hands.
  20. Brown has thrown three ugly interceptions. Lucky for us, first two were on free plays due to defensive penalties. The third may cost us.
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