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  1. I feel he and that second OSU player should be tossed for the whole next game. (Ripping the helmet off and the swipe in the back of the head). Both were egregious acts of anger and should not be tolerated. This was not targeting nor an emotional tackle, which is during the act of game play. This was a bar room brawl with intent to do harm after a play.
  2. Well, this could have been the Ducks. Fire the coach, assistant coach, bench the QB and play the freshman. Then sit out the post season after being rated and picked by some to go 12-0, yet lose out. Huard looks like he could be good, but 5 picks? Some Duck fans were downgrading Ty after 1. Duck fans are fickle, for sure.
  3. I disagree. Maybe Herbert is thriving now because ….. he is thriving now. Does it have to be someone’s fault?! “After playing college football at Michigan, Brady was selected 199th overall by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, later earning him a reputation as the NFL's biggest draft steal.” The GOAT …. 199th pick. Hmm, you think Michigan fans were giving their program sh3t for Brady not being coached up in his college days?!
  4. Mario did sign a one year extension. Could still get bought out but it ups the ante. Commits seem to sign then drive (away) more often these days. Extra pressure to sign early, then legit second thoughts. All schools have them and we have an equal chance to sign one from another school. I’m not overly worried about de-commits.
  5. First game for me was 1975 and 2 wins was pretty friggin’ good. I suppose it’s easy to be a “new” fan from the Chipster days and have a higher floor. And while I want the Ducks to win a Natty as much as anyone, I’ll take every win as a blessing and not an entitlement.
  6. Shough started the year well, but melted down in the Cal game and his confidence never returned. He looked worse each game after. That’s why MC pulled him, and I think that was the right call. I’m sure he transferred because he knew he lost the starting job and saw equal or better talent coming up. Maybe he would have been better than AB this year? We’ll never know. But I lost respect for him when he transferred - you don’t pick up the ball and go home, you get back on the horse and fight for the starting job. That is, unless you don’t have self-confidence, which would underline his meltdown. No way would he have been rocky steady in the gun at fOSU. Nor in the comeback at UCLA nor the gale/downpour at UW. His transfer stats are average, then he got hurt, so his true performance grade is hard to judge in his new home. But despite his limitations, I feel AB was a better leader for us this year.
  7. Thanks for the post Otis, great honest take from a great coach. And speaking of great, we’ll see you after 3 on Saturday! GO DUCKS !!
  8. I’m not posting for any reason other than to get the rodent avatar off the forum list page. g o d u c k s !
  9. Ouch - that first statement sounds a bit accusatory and egregious? Do you really feel MC, JM and DeR don’t work hard? Really?! No doubt we got our azz handed to us last week on all sides of the ball. There are so many complexities to that “why” that I can’t answer. Your second point I will agree with completely. Next game will prove the depth of coaching prowess (oh I almost can’t believe I said that!) and rallying around next man up. GO DUCKS!
  10. And still be over rated and over paid.
  11. Looking at it through the lens of a business owner, why would you possibly want to jump into the coach search at this time? So many coaches fired, so I assume you won’t want any of them, which in turn opens up the same many positions to fill. Supply and demand - the price goes up, decisions revolve around said pricing via competition and the opportunity to make a bad decision rises. No way can this be a good time to make a coaching change. Given the state of the program, the end of season potential ahead of us, injuries, relatively new OC and DC, and a big QB change next year, the opportunity presents itself for the team to morph in it’s play style. If I was King, come end of January, I would clearly lay out expectations for end of 2022/3 season and set the tone. Then spring of 2024, given all the above and how that all evolves (or not), a coaching change may be the right call.
  12. 7 OC or HC roles in 15 years? He’s a revolving door, which is the last thing we need. His 9-7 at Ole Miss is hardly better than MC’s record here. Rumors of him now circulating he is thinking g of Miami? And personally, his positions at U$C and Raiders for me are a complete no go. But that’s just me.
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