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  1. Two interesting points about this game. First, MTSU lost their first game 44-7 to JMU which was a FCS team last year. Second, MTSU is 3-0 all time versus Miami.
  2. There is no value in playing a NAIA team when you’re at the FCS level. SFA was also still throwing TD passes well into the 2nd half. I get that it’s up to the losing team to stop them, but maybe run the ball every down to keep the clock running. 98-0: Stephen F. Austin nearly hits century mark in rout of overmatched NAIA opponent SPORTS.YAHOO.COM The Lumberjacks came a touchdown short of tying the FCS record for the most points in a single game.
  3. Good article. In Bo’s defense, he had 3 different OC’s in 3 years. One of them being Chad Morris who was the mastermind behind the play on this video. Bo also took a ton of sacks at Auburn. He’s much improved when he has time to throw.
  4. I loved this little gem in the comments. It’s from the Little Giants movie for those who may not know what this guy is talking about. Also, I thought it was pretty cool that their mascot showed up to tailgate with them.
  5. They probably just assumed everybody watched the game since Oregon is so popular.
  6. They recapped them on the ESPN Morning show, but not in print. Probably because Fox carried their last 2 games.
  7. Van Dyke is only a Sophomore, so there’s still hope for him. He just needs a new QB coach and OC.
  8. Look at the offensive stat line. Hopefully, this will lead to more great players coming here to resurrect their careers. TVD from The U is probably looking to go elsewhere after yesterday’s disaster.
  9. His performance was underwhelming at UCLA. However, his stats wouldn’t have been much better at Oregon because of MC’s offense.
  10. Great article. I especially liked this line. “Ward was cagey and elusive, managing to dodge, duck, dip, dive, dink and dunk all over them, zig-zagging through heavy traffic like a squirrel on the freeway.” Ward was amazing, but like most squirrels on the freeway, he eventually turned back into traffic when he appeared to be in the clear (at least they do that in my neck of the woods). His attempt to chase down Funa and tackle him was Brady-like.
  11. I thought TVD would regress a little, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Some NFL team is going to get a great deal on him. He’s a good QB, but MC killed his draft stock.
  12. The fuskies will use that game to brag about how they’re much better than UGA. I promise you their forums are already filled with talk of national championships.
  13. Kevin Mar was the dude who almost screwed the Ducks in the WSU game in 2019. Thankfully, he left for the Big 12. Canzano: A review of the Pac-12 football officiating raises eyebrows WWW.OREGONLIVE.COM Is the Pac-12 selectively transparent?
  14. Please don’t encourage them. I would like to keep Dilly for a year or two.
  15. Mario will kill UNC next week. Mark my word. He always does this after an inexplicable loss.
  16. That 98 yard TD pass was reminiscent of the ASU game in 2019. I’m sure there will be a thread about the Canes forum members and their defense of MC. The Ducks have had some bad losses, but they were typically within the Pac12. The BSU losses were bad, but those were BCS Bowl teams that beat Oregon. I think this shows how the transfer portal is helping the G5 teams.
  17. The Ducks actually haven’t won big in Martin Stadium since 2008. The 2010 game was a 20 point win, but given final record of those two teams, it should’ve been a 50 point win. 2012 was a big win but it was in Seattle. After that, no wins there until 2020. I expect a nail biter today.
  18. I’m just a Duck fan and an Oregonian. Not alumni. So, I usually pull for the Beavs except when the play The War of Northern Aggression (Corvallis is north of Eugene).
  19. It looks like the Cougs are trying to capture a little mojo from the past as well. They’re breaking out the ones they won with in 2018 when Gameday was there.
  20. I think there will be a couple of transfers after the season. Once the RB situation sorts itself out a couple of guys will leave to get playing time elsewhere. My guess is it will probably be Dollars and Cardwell.
  21. If ASU wants an offensive minded HC then Kingsbury will be available in January. He won’t even have to move out of his house.
  22. The weather is going to be nice. 70 and sunny. I was there in 2014 and while they didn’t bother any of us, their fans threw drinks on the field at Devon Allen when he scored on a long catch and run. It was a night game so everyone was probably pretty juiced up.
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