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  1. This will be the first bolt in Kelly's coffin. Probably the most Mickey Mouse early season schedule in major college football. UCLA alums hate his guts (understandable). He has to go at least 9-3 with a win over the Trojans and that ain't going to happen.
  2. If Charles is correct, what a tragedy. TV is destroying college sports. The ones who will be hurt the most are minorities who are the largest recipient of athletic scholarships. If Charles is correct the majority of D1 schools playing football will diminish by most likely at least 60 and probably more schools.
  3. What an idiot he does not know his rear from2nd base. Cal brings nothing to the table that's why the governor is creating all the problems for the supposed UCLA move and threatening to force UCLA to give half of what they receive annually to Cal. ND does not need any group or anybody. They have their cake and are continuing to eat it. Their deal with the ACC is that they play 5 ACC teams annually (of their choice) they are full members of the ACC in all other sports. They keep 100% of all broadcast revenues for all football games which are on NBC and they have exclusivity with NBC, they also receive some additional broadcast revenues from the ACC. Regardless of what happens Notre Dame is not going to be left out in the cold, you can bet on that. They are annually the #! college football TV draw. If the Big 10 does expand again most likely they would take Washington and Oregon, and I could see them taking Stanford. Cal has poor fan base, an AD with a huge debt (same as UCLA). It's amazing how poorly Stanford and Cal draw in the Bay Area. When I was in business in the Bay Area in Silicon Valley I never went to a Stanford game. Why I can't tell you, but college football did not seem to be a topic that was that discussed. Stanford drew well against Notre Dame, USC, Cal and to an extent Oregon, but as most know their new stadium holds almost 40,000 less than the old one did, that has to tell you something.
  4. In my opinion Notre Dame at this point in time will not join the Big 10. I went to the only high school the Holy Cross fathers had in the US, Columbia Prep in Portland, since has been moved to Chicago and still is their only high school. Know and have known a lot of the priests of the order. ND is one of the best endowed schools in the US. Sure they are interested in money but they are also interested in providing a lot of their alums around the country the periodic opportunity to see their school play. They have their own TV deal which they share with no one and make a ton annually (NBC), and they are the only team on NBC nationally. They have a great deal with the ACC where they get some additional TV money (not a lot) and play 5 ACC teams a year. 2 of them they have played annually for years Pittsburgh and Boston College, so in reality they are playing 3 more ACC teams and they would normally play another 2 anyway. The rest of the deal is that they are full members of the ACC in all other sports except 2 that the ACC doesn't play. The administration at ND is not wild about some of the members of the Big 10, but that would not keep them from becoming a member if they wished. There is no reason for ND to join the Big 10, money no, quality of opponents absolutely not-they can schedule almost anybody they want, academics no for the most part ND is academically superior to almost all the schools in the Big 10. The only way that happens is if the power conference thing becomes a reality and there are only 2 conferences then they most likely would have to join.
  5. Think the conference will make a deal with the ACC which has similar problems to the Pac 12. I'm not a believer that they will add 2 teams, maybe I'm wrong, will see. I think the new TV contract will be for more money than most folks think it will be. One of the best strengths the conference has is the present commissioner, and I think we are going to be amazed at what he will produce over the next few months. Was worried about our recruiting during this period, but the commitment of Moore, I think ends that worry and solidifies an outstanding top 10 class for this year and that will be solidified if Young commits soon. I also think that this years Duck football team could easily be a participant in the national championship game with a couple of breaks during the season. After being depressed earlier in the week, I'm very optimistic about the immediate future. Longterm I see the end of college sports as we know them, thanks to ESPN and Fox who are primarily to blame and will regret it as time goes by. I see 2 mega conferences with 20 teams each as the end result. The ones who will suffer the most are the minorities who will see scholarships drop by the thousands as the smaller schools retrench due to lack of income.
  6. I went to the only high school the Holy Cross priests had in the country, for many years it was in Portland, moved to Chicago back in the last century. Notre Dame will not be bullied by the Big 10. Money wise Notre Dame is very well funded both in endowment and wealthy alums, they also have their own TV network NBC and don't share TV revenue with anyone. Only way I see this happening is if football goes to 2 super conferences (which it probably will down the road) and then Notre Dame will have the choice of were it goes.
  7. It's over, as has been reported over the last few months the Super Conferences will be the only survivors. Big 10 will not at this time take any other members. Oregon and Washington's programs will have slipped so much in the next few years that they will not be attractive additions to a Super Conference. After next season watch our coaching staff disintegrate. This will happen to our recruiting class for next season. The tragedy of all this is that as time goes by less and less schools will play football, revenue will drop dramatically, womens sports and olympic sports will suffer badly. I can go on and on with more negative stuff, but what's the purpose. GREED
  8. Oregon softball needs to pickup at least 1 if not 2 new excellent pitchers. I don't care how well they can hit, but if you don't have the pitching it will be a long year and a coach could be in trouble.
  9. I wonder what Mullen's relationship is with the Powell's? If he could hire them back, and keep the sprint assistant coach the Ducks future would be fantastic.
  10. I think by the end of November you will be thrilled that he left!
  11. If you look at who he supposedly is down to as far as his next choice, it sure doesn't look like their beating his door down to get him on board. Hope he ends up at WSU, good spot for him. If he goes there he'll probably blow out hand way through the season and maybe earlier.
  12. The lack of subscribers on the Pac 12 can be easily solved, it's the Networks+ESPN+Fox that we need to concerned with. I'm sure that the new commissioner will solve the Pac 12 issue soon, would not be surprised if they sold a significant portion of the network to Fox, or ESPN
  13. This sounds like a real blessing, From what I've read this guy sounds like the FLAKE of FLAKES.
  14. It's really to bad that The Ducks do not have one of their better T & F teams this year. I would think that the exposure of the new facilities will be a great help in future T & F recruiting.
  15. I think that many did not realize how prepared Mullen and Company were for the oncoming of NIL, I sure wasn't. I think that when Mullen hired Lanning it had a heck of a lot to do with not only Lanning's reputation as a quality coach, but his reputation as an outstanding recruiter. It's obvious to me, looking back that Mullen had met with the major donors to the Duck AD and set up the beginning of a very well planned and laid out NIL program for the Ducks. Lanning certainly has put together not only an excellent group of coaches as far as coaching is concerned, but also a fantastic group of coaches that are some of the best recruiters in the game. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Oregon staff has hit the ground running in seemingly all areas of the athletic department. Not only is football going well, but seemingly all other Duck sports as well in the recruiting area. In my opinion a tremendous amount of credit goes to Rob Mullen who saw what was coming and prepared for it.
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