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  1. I have an honest question? I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything and I agree with much of what you have said about Mario. So the question is what if Mario gets his new school to the playoff before we make it in? I would really hate to see that but with the talent base in the area even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. I would love to hear your logic and evidence rather than just "won't happen" Quietduck
  2. College football has set its foot on the path to becoming the NFL. I've been a Duck fan since 1972 and when that happens I will walk away from them and college football. I want a National Title as much as any fan out their but I want one earned not bought. Quiet
  3. Soon College Football will turn into semi pro and leave the colleges or just plain die. For many of the people benefiting from scholarships that aren't 5 stars their chance at a free college education is falling into the pit. The players thought they opened a treasure box and instead opened Pandora's box.
  4. Probabilities: 25% will be better than Mario and will take us to the next level 50% Will be equal to or worse than Mario and we will still tend to win7-10 games and go to bowls. 25% We will end up battling the worst of the Pac 12 to have some pride in a return to the 1980's
  5. So just like coaches we are condemning they can follow the money and limelight? I think both are going to destroy the game.
  6. Duckbill, That's what I'm afraid of. Just as we give coaches grief for following the dollar and the limelight how long will it be before the players do the same. To me two wrongs are still wrong.
  7. Given that what keeps them from going the same way as the coaches?
  8. Duckbill, Honest question, not an attack. Would you apply the same standards to the players with the portal and Image and likeness? I don't have an opinion beyond all college sports seem to be heading away from the colleges and into the professional.
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