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  1. I'm reminded of David Paulson and you know what that means ..... First Downs, Key Blocks and Touchdowns
  2. Yes because watching at work on night shift and AFN is showing the game live starting at 1 AM , and not all that much busy
  3. Me too , my goodness if Dana was coaching that team they would be 70-0
  4. Go Dana and 700 wins is amazing and hope for many more years and salivating to see what Altman can do with 3 or more high draft choices. Regarding Ainge, the need for a baseball progrm was critical as he played at BYU and don't forget was drafted by the Toronto BlueJays eventually becoming the BlueJays' starting 2nd baseman before going back to basketball and becoming an NBA all star and playing many years. Would like to see some highlights of Mookie Cook but can't find any on Hudl.
  5. Yeah for sure it's a step down at least maybe even 2. Can you imagine a coordinator from another BIG team like Ohio State going down to Miami to be DC there? Well maybe the DC from PennState, oh wait that would be Manny Diaz, never mind
  6. High probability Taumanupepe would fit in well into the progrm
  7. Chip Kelly used 25 players on defense every game because of the fast paced offense was scoring quickly then kicked off to the opponent and defense playing lot of minutes on field, therefore it will be necessary to have a 2-3 deep at every position ready to play. Would Taumanupepe fit into this type of system? With weight training, coaching and conditioning, probably yes. Sorry about the different fonts, maybe Taumanupepe will be saying that to some opposing O Line
  8. This is great news for the Ducks. Points are important, just ask the Kansas City Chiefs ...
  9. Launched the smoke gernades providing the dramatic scene where the DeathMobile pierced through the smoke when Greg Marmalard pointed and exclamied ..... "Look !!!"
  10. Stevens team mate, takes a long time to read lots of Husky "character"
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