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  1. I'm sorry.... I can't stand Lannings refusing to take points.... 1 score game after total domination
  2. Curious to see what the positive spin will be...
  3. Sorry but had no business losing to UW or OSU.. Both loses to teams we should have beat... looking back this is going to be a year where we could have gotten into a wide open CFP but choked it... so not real excited about the Holiday Bowl or whatever bowl the 1st or 2nd loser of the Pac12 gets...
  4. I'm hoping Coach has his eye on another transfer qb for next yr... somethings definitely up with TT
  5. Just read canesinsight forum... absolutely brutal
  6. Looks like MC struggled to land a DC... hired Kevin Steele who had just accepted same position at Maryland... obviously settled for this guy as you wouldn't have your sights on a guy who takes a job 4 days prior... caneinsight.com is really kicking this hire around..
  7. His being misused by Oregon has saved his pro career... Chances are he would have gone to a horrible team and floundered... I wish him continued success and don't lament his days at Oregon at all..
  8. I like reading the forums from other programs... Georgia's equivalent to this forum has Lanning being the consensus worst recruiter at UGA.. seem to think he is a downgrade overall from MC... Oh well... Curious to see how it all turns out
  9. Agree... funny how coaches can go from guru to idiot seemingly overnight... he was THE hire a couple years ago..
  10. I have a horrible feeling Mullens was caught flat footed and we are the odd man out in this game of musical chairs...
  11. Paying someone 9+ million/yr to stay with your team is insane. If theydont think 4+ million is enough then they really don't want to be here that bad.. who is on the hook for the PERS? If the people of Oregon are on the hook.. shouldn't we have a say?
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