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  1. In a world of “Coach Platitude” speak, I like Mike Leach. For the most part at least. The bit about elopement is classic Leach. It can’t be overlooked that his teams are always better than when he arrived. I dreaded when we played him. He can often find ways, with inferior talent, to beat his opponents.
  2. It has been said by others that “Oregon doesn’t wear uniforms, they wear costumes.” Sadly, there is a part of me that resonates with that. Just my opinion.
  3. When you listen to the USC folks talk about the move to the B1G, finally being shed of the PAC 12 officiating is at or near the top of the list. Plenty of that on display last night. This must be dealt with for those remaining in the PAC.
  4. He will get a clear message from the coaching staff. If they are ready to move on he will be informed - formally or informally. More than ever, it’s a business.
  5. The “Mike” linebacker is watching and would call it out.
  6. It will be interesting to see who Nebraska gets. Any thoughts, group?
  7. Two thought: One, he is correct. Georgia has better players than anyone else except Alabama. And they may now be on the same level. Two, he was providing cover for his former assistant, i.e. "Dan Lanning wasn't outcoached as much as we have better players." I'm not too concerned about Kirby's comments.
  8. Bo Nix is like the legacy that gets pledged to your fraternity. Everyone loved his dad (Patrick Nix) at Auburn, so Bo was going to be the second coming. Alas, that fraternity got tired of their legacy, and moved on. Now he's in our fraternity, but he's the guy no one really wants to hang with. Something like that, anyway.
  9. It’s entirely possible that UGA is really, really good and even better than the team that won the natty last year. Not time to panic yet.
  10. I amend my selection of Minnesota State and Coach Hayden Fox. I can’t believe I didn’t cite WossamottaU as my clear favorite.
  11. A great number in the college football world are convinced that our own "Uncle Phil," as they call him, is one of the prime offenders. Why else would an athlete go to a place like Eugene if that weren't the case, they ask (having never considered that a young person might actually like the beauty of our area and the excellent resources here). Get ready for a lot of fingers to be pointed and a lot of "anonymous tips" to be lodged in our direction. None of this is good.
  12. I'm grateful that Rich Brooks played a big part in turning the program around. I also remember that he applied for numerous other jobs during his years at Oregon. I also remember that he parlayed the Rose Bowl into his gig with the Rams. I'm just offering a contrarian opinion here.
  13. The Junction Boys is worth reading. Most of us saw it on ESPN, but reading the book is an eye-opener. Bear Bryant nearly killed a few of those kids. Scott Frost really shouldn’t revisit that mentality.
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