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  1. Nobody poaches staff from mediocre and bad teams. This is the price we pay for excellence.
  2. Okay. Leave no doubt against the undefeated Fuskies and we won’t get jobbed for a playoff spot. Another plus in our favor is the popularity of Bo Nix. The media really likes him.
  3. I’m completely conflicted watching the Apple Cup. My lifelong stance of rooting hard against the Fuskies is being challenged.
  4. Bank on it. If it comes down to us and anOSU, they’ll get the nod.
  5. I disagree. What else are OSU and WSU supposed to do? It’s not a long-term solution but it is a bridge for them. Had something like this happened in the 1980’s our Ducks would have been in real danger of being relegated. I am hoping the best outcome for both schools. Now let’s beat the Beavers on Friday.
  6. Short version: Chip took over a strong team at Oregon, and at the same time found a wrinkle in the rule book which he exploited to full advantage. He had the perfect roster for that. It was a great time for Duck football. Times have changed, the rule book was amended, and it’s no longer that moment. He’s still a good coach, but he doesn’t really like to recruit. Not sure how he interacts with the NIL. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.
  7. I’ve been telling friends this. He’s in a great spot and has the resources he needs to be successful. It’s interesting how many articles I read see Eugene as a place that coaches and their families would want to get away from. I don’t live there anymore but I just don’t get that. It’s a great place to raise a family and a lot better than many, even most, college towns. I cannot imagine a scenario where he goes to A&M.
  8. Way before USC, and based on what I saw at Wazzu, I thought it was a great hire for OU. It wasn’t. When Riley went to SC I was surprised he took Grinch with him. I’m fairly certain he wishes now that he hadn’t.
  9. How many of you remember his father on Portland Wrestling - Gentleman Ed Francis.
  10. This will be a barn burner. The best game of the day in any conference. We should win, but will have to bring our A game to make that happen.
  11. Sanders could make bulletin board material out of an opponent’s grocery list. He’d “make it personal” if the coach bought Jif instead of Skippy. This works for a while but gets old in a hurry.
  12. My observation from a lot of years of following college football is that a team can score up to about 70 points against a weak sister opponent. Anything more than that and the public and media will howl in protest. It’s an optics thing, I suppose.
  13. Michael Pittman Jr was at SC. Micah is the younger brother.
  14. Sports Hate should always be embraced. I’ve Sports Hated the Fuskies my entire life and I’m richer for the experience.
  15. I had always heard that there was a friendship between Walt Disney and one of our AD’s back in the day, and we were given rights to a modified Donald character. This would have been some 70 years ago.
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