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  1. It's great that Bo is playing, let's finish this season with a win. Bo has earned every snap he wants at this point. We can start obsessing about next year after a bowl win.
  2. The inherent problem with internet forums is that people feel entitled to say things that would get them punched in the face if they said it to the guy sitting next to them at the bar. Either the contact is moderated or it becomes a donnybrook. I bailed on The Athletic for that reason, nothing but junior high smack talk and no intelligent discussion to be found. Hope you've found a solution that works for you FD.
  3. Well techinically this qualifies as a "splash" hire, but for Colorado there's really not much upside. He succeeds and he'll bail in a heartbeat leaving the program in a mess ala Slick Willie. If he fails he'll be owed a large buyout. I guess they're desperate, I get that, but I'm betting his act gets old in Boulder before long.
  4. Well I'm guessing Deion is going to learn a lot about the culture difference between the Deep South and Boulder. I'm guessing the CU academics aren't going to love him (of course they don't love anything football related anyway though ha ha).
  5. Well assuming he can close on Dante Moore, he looks very impressive and right in the DL mold. Personally never thought DL would go for a mentor type. OK now can DL concentrate on getting the defense fixed?
  6. I've been wondering about how DL is going to make room, I know a lot of turnover is going happen naturally, but I believe I saw recently that all three of Oregon's punters have hit the portal. Makes me wonder if they're being "nudged" out the door. Coaches can't yank their scholly, but they can sure yank their playing time.
  7. Seems like a stretch that he would leave his job with a Super Bowl contender to be a college OC. I'm guessing he would already have a head coaching job if he wanted back in the college game. Nice to dream though.
  8. Uh sure a guy who paints his nails then cries with a towel over his head when he loses has the heart of warrior. Gimme a break.
  9. Can't stop laughing, boo hoo turncoats!
  10. Agree with you on this one, at one time TT was a highly-rated 5* too. Sure seems like DM could be the man, but at this point he isn't even officially a Duck so it would really be rolling the dice if we don't have a Plan B.
  11. Clearly with Butters gone and TT not showing much ability to lead the team at this point, we're extremely thin in the QB (and that's assuming TT stays, certainly not a given). I think I would be hesitant to bring in a young transfer, but a senior with a year (maybe two) of eligibility would seem to fit the bill. Despite the fact that our recent QB transfers have done pretty well, I sure would like us to bring up our QBs through the system. Not sure that's possible anymore, but still think it should be a goal.
  12. Too funny, but sad at the same time. The times they are a changin'
  13. That goes without saying, but 3-9 is a pretty low bar don't you think?
  14. There's really not much downside for KD. He gets his dream job, triples his pay and because of looming sanctions and past patience with coaches at ASU he probably gets a bit of latitude for a couple of years. If he fails, he'll most likely still be in high demand as an OC, then he could go the rehab route and probably get another HC shot down the road. In this scenario it could be similar to the Kiffin to USC move (his dream job). Didn't work out, but he worked his way back into HC spot and now in high demand. Same with Sarkisian to a certain extent. And of course there's a real possibility he'll succeed at ASU. He's not Arroyo or Taggart or MC. Will it be harder to succeed at ASU as compared to Oregon? Absolutely, but certainly possible nonetheless and he's betting on himself, who could blame him for that? You can't just assume that if you pass on your dream job now you'll get another shot at it. It's a cliche, but strike while the iron is hot and right now he's one of the hottest young stars.
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