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  1. Never ever ever ever ever ever do we need anything from USC. We take of our own business and what USC does is irrelevant. I'm sick of the national media fawning all over USC like they're the second coming.
  2. Cold day in hell I pull for a CA team over one from Oregon.
  3. That's a fair point if there's a west coast pod, but I seriously doubt you'd have B1G Central/Eastern time zone teams playing at 8:00 PM PST, so there would have to be a lot fewer.
  4. Hopefully start times are part of GK's negotiation. I would like to see nothing later than 7:00 and night games distributed more evenly, not at the whim of effing ESPN. I'm feeling a lot more positive about the conference, but still a B1G invite would end late night games.
  5. No question, he's elevating the play around him. Night and day difference when TT, took over (not all his fault of course, but just look at how the offense tanked when he came in). Bo's a leader and his guys are rallying around him.
  6. 8:00 PM??? You've gotta be frickin' kidding me. If we joined the B1G this wouldn't happen. Not sure how the streaming schedule would work but if it means fewer night games then I'm all in.
  7. Only downside I see is not having access to the ESPN hype machine. Personally I can't stand the amount of power and influence they have in the sport, but that's the world of college football and they ain't going away. I've been looking for an excuse to cut the cord for years, all I really watch on cable is local news and live sports. I stream everything else and I guess I can survive without Jeopardy.
  8. If we're talking two teams I'm going with SDSU and UNLV. SDSU seems like a no-brainer and would probably accept B12 if offered, so it would be good to beat them to the punch. I believe I read that the only reason they aren't a research university is that they're not allowed to be one by the CA education system. Sure UNLV stinks in football, but it looks like they're on the rise with Arroyo and they have a great stadium to play in. I always thought getting more into the Vegas market made sense, especially with GK's background. Oh and BTW they are already a research university if my memory serves correct. This would be be a speculative choice to be sure, but I think it would be a good investment in the future. That would give us the San Diego and Las Vegas markets in exchange for LA. I'm convinced the Spoiled Children and UCLA are gone, good riddance to them. Let them struggle for a middle of the pack finish in the B1G while we compete for championships and CFP bids.
  9. Haven't watched a game on Prime yet, I'll be watching the Chargers tonight (hoping for 4K?). Interested to see how a live streamed game is compared to broadcast. It seems to me that if Prime is our exclusive carrier then that will take a whole lot of eyeballs off the Pac. Granted streaming is the future but there is a pretty large audience that hasn't made that leap yet. I think Prime as a secondary carrier or maybe in partnership with the P12 Network might make sense. Regardless getting any other interested party involved will drive the price up. It would really suck to have ESPN set their own price.
  10. I don't ever remember a September as telling as this one. My pre-season prediction was going 2-2 in September with a loss to either BYU or WSU. Agree it's a little scary that dropping both of those games is a real possibility. Of course winning them both is a real possibility too!
  11. Seems to me that's a push at best since the SEC and B!G will also get that money. In addition it's looking like the CFP payout will be participation based, which means those two conferences will most likely get even more. Regardless, our path to playoff in the new P10 will be easier if we win the conference. A second place P10 team doesn't stand as much of a chance as a second or even third place SEC or B1G team.
  12. Holy cow, money makes the world go around! We all knew (or suspected) that we were headed for an NFL model at some point, I'm just a little surprised it's happening so soon. It's amusing too me that the chancellors that will actually collect the money went over the heads of the bickering conference commissioners and ADs to push this forward. So what does this mean for Oregon? Being stuck in the new P-10 (or whatever) doesn't sound quite so devastating with a playoff spot pretty much reserved for the conference champ (assuming they're top 6) and possibly a second at-large bid. That said the new TV deal will still be less than half what the B1G members are getting and consequently I fear the talent gap will only get worse. I still think we have to bail if invited to the B1G but our fallback is looking a lot better.
  13. If this was a "measuring stick" game then we know we're no where near a top-tier SEC team in either talent or execution. Sure there are mitigating factors, but you really can't sugar-coat that kind of beat down. I really thought our defense would keep it close for at least the first half, so my biggest disappointment was just how bad they looked. This is a bit of a head-scratcher since DL is a defensive coach and we are paying TL a ton of money as a coordinator, you'd think we perform better. I guess the good news is that there's nowhere to go but up defensively. Sans Bo's picks, I liked how our offense looked but yards and first downs don't win games unless drives get finished with points. Sometimes football just boils down to blocking and tackling and this is a classic example. We didn't get badly out-schemed, they blocked really well so their offense was unstoppable and their efficient tackling kept us out of the end zone. Game over. Small silver lining, no major injuries last year's tOSU game wound up being a bit of a Pyrrhic victory. And it's one game, time to flush this one and move on.
  14. As my moniker suggests, this isn't my first rodeo as a Duck fan. We've had some painful losses in the past (Nebraska 63-0 comes to mind), but also glorious wins (Oregon 59-FSU 20 in the inaugural CFP). I guess this one hurts a lot more because we all thought we were past this kind of beat down. Well for now (obviously) we're not. That said our expectations were probably too high for a first time head coach in a hostile environment against the defending national champions, who BTW look like they might be even better than last year's team. Other first-time HCs promoted from coordinator jobs inherited a system and long-time coaching staff. Chip was given the keys to a Ferrari and to his credit he tore off with it (of course after a rough start at Boise). Prior to that Bellotti inherited a program on the rise with a solid staff as well. Slick Willie came in and decimated a quarter century of progress in one fell swoop. Mario inherited what was left and IMHO did a pretty good job (we all know his weaknesses, nonetheless two P12 championships and Rose Bowl wins). DL comes in as first time HC with no carry over in coaching staff or team culture. Don't get me wrong I love our guys, but the team leaders have seen a lot during their careers, been told a lot of different things and seem a little bit shell-shocked. Then their first test is against Georgia, not exactly a recipe for morale building. Perspective says it's one game, move on, sometimes easier said than done. More than one knowledgeable analyst has predicted a 1-2 start because of a brutal September schedule. Our most important game is the next one, we just have to get right and beat EWU before we worry about BYU and then go from there.
  15. No way we're top 20. This is a reality check right out of the gate. Georgia is really good. Really, really good. Our defense is terrible right now. Brady Hoke bad. Offense looks interesting but obviously a work in progress. The good news is this is by far the best defense we'll face all year. Thought our punter looked good though. It's one game, still a really bad start for DL. That said remember Chip's first game at Boise St.? September is a tough, hopefully we can shake this one off and move on.
  16. I agree with what you're saying in the sense that if we win the P12 we're in. That's a lot more achievable than going undefeated or even 12-1. I should have worded my statement a little differently in that it really doesn't change our "strategy" rather than "the equation". Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but I just see the $ gap translating to a talent gap that gets wider each year and is reinforced by Power 2 championships. For us it just makes it progressively harder to stay relevant as a member of the P12. Don't' get me wrong, I'm thrilled in the short-term but long-term I feel our situation remains relatively unchanged.
  17. Yes, great for the P12 champ but I don't see how it changes the equation in the long run. The at-large bids are going to be dominated by the Power 2. I'm figuring the B!G/SEC each put 3 at-large teams in, ergo a 4th place finish in those conferences is better than a second place finish in the P12. Plus our conference champ would have to be in the top 4 to get that first critical first-round bye. This is a huge improvement no doubt, but for us the best chance to stay relevant long term remains B!G membership.
  18. Again thanks for the perspective, airspace. Interesting to note that although USC will most certainly be opposed to Oregon's addition, they don't have a say just yet. That just adds to the sense of urgency, and I'm guessing that as you suggest these talks may be a lot further along than they appear. Personally I think it happens and that makes me both sad and excited. There have been some amazing P12/B1G matchups in the Rose Bowl over the years, and granted we'll get more of those in the regular season, but the Rose Bowl will never be the same. That said B1G membership would bring financial stability and a seat at the big table. We're headed for a Power 2 that controls the CFP and anyone outside those conferences is really going to have a difficult time being relevant.
  19. All about the bottom line here IMHO, if the numbers are right I'm guessing their opposition goes away. The conspiracist in me wonders if it is a ploy to get new potential members to accept an unequal share.
  20. I don't have issues with Frost, taking the UCF job was an ideal career move for him. He wasn't really a serious candidate for the Oregon HC job and there was no guarantee he was going to be retained as OC. IMHO he probably should have acknowledged his mentorship under Chip and Helfie and the opportunities he got while at Oregon. He came in as a relatively unproven receivers coach and left as one of the hottest commodities as a first-time HC, so it's understandable that his comments come across as disrespectful to Duck fans. Whatever, he's moved on and he's still a product of the Oregon coaching tree so his success or failure still reflects his time here.
  21. I think that's the easy part. Leave the current 7-team divisions as is and add a Pacific Division with 6 teams. Play everybody in your division and 2 or 3 crossover games. Throw in an annual rivalry game and 2-3 non-conference games and it should work great. The hard part to me would be how to decide who plays for the conference championship. Top 2? Top 2 division winners? 4-team playoff?
  22. Don't see any way to stay relevant and have a shot at the CFP than to join the B1G. I don't like it much, but the writing is on the wall. P12 toast, 4 conferences (for now), Power 2. Slight disagreement with Sir Charles, I don't I think the other sports go away but they're certainly going to have to take some hits to survive.
  23. Let's see, we've already played at the Big House, the Shoe, Sparty and Camp Randall in the upper echelon of the B1G. Don't believe we've ever been to Happy Valley? That would be my pick.
  24. OK let's be real we have seen enough projected two-deeps to get a pretty good idea of who's starting on Sept. 3 and so has KS, so I don't think any official announcement really matters much. To me what the offense is going to do schematically is the biggest question and I really don't think that's going to change much regardless of who the starters are. The one advantage we have over Georgia is film (or lack of). It is a small advantage to be sure, but we need a lot of things to fall into place to come away with a win. Besides, this advantage is the most relevant when the team has yet to take a snap and diminishes with each game as the data set gets larger. In short, now's the best time to do this. Of course we want to gobble up all Duck data bits or we probably wouldn't be here in the first place, but I'm fine with waiting until Sept. 3 to see what DL has in store for us, just builds the anticipation.
  25. I'm "compelled" to donate to the DAF so I can have the privelege of giving them more money for my season tickets. Probably wouldn't otherwise, the tickets, travel, etc. are expensive and my finances are working class. I'm generally averse to this kind of crowd funding because I have doubts that donated money will actually be used as intended. That said, the players deserve to be compensated and have for a long time. Should that compensation fall on the backs of bread-and-butter fans? As long as it's voluntary I have no issue with it. I'd rather see grass roots funding than a few sketchy boosters.
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