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  1. it reminds of the bend don't break to prevent deep plays. Backers are working in concert with d line to determine the type of O run against them.
  2. Nice post! I like his grit Do you think he will face lessor competition overall, this year than previous years?
  3. Oregons D Line and backers seem a tad slow.
  4. I also wasnt impressed with MSU's pass defense.
  5. Its to bad, but not real surprising considering all negative being spread about religion/church goers in general. Its on national news everyday....
  6. He took a new team into TA&M and gave them a ball game.TA&M is supposed was to be a top 5 team in the nation.
  7. Bingo, I think what will determine a change in QB is if Bo cannot through the long ball and lead receivers deep. WE have several racehorse wr's just waiting to be led deep. They can run to the ball if its put in the correct place. Butter has a nice deep ball.
  8. I hope DL & KD dont favor guys they brought in versus guys like Cardwell. I was surprised to see Cardwell not start against Dixie Dawgs. I could see some young coaches trying to put their signature on things right a way to quickly strengthen their resume.
  9. Lanny and his staff want to be nice and play players that want to play. Dan has said as much. I dont have a problem with that as the new staff is trying to see who can be game time difference makers. Me personally, Id like to see a couple featured backs at most and use the others as needed or during blow outs. Top notch backs waont want to play it by committee and you run the risk of transfer.
  10. Meyer would fit perfectly for Nebraska. Bet he's a serious consideration.
  11. I agree in that he doesn't seem to have that knack of putting the ball where it needs to be and he seems to have that gunslinger style while out of the pocket where he's not afraid of risky throws. Thats ok as long as you can lead your receiver into a deep throw, however if he slings under the D and into coverage he seems to force it with a hopeful pin point pass. I think he will improve more so under this offense as the season goes on.
  12. That the offense will be more innovative than last few years. Learned that we now have solid receivers and the TE's will be used more than under MC. Bo still try's to force passes and was lucky he wasn't intercepted a few times. Played decently though. Rather than feature a few backs we will see KD use multi pack backs through out the year. They want to play players that can play.
  13. 6 Years of really decent recruiting and it doesn't seem we are all that more talented than some of Mikes teams. The whole recruiting frenzy and all the star designations, coupled with NIL & the portal, only hypes the expectations more. I like 2&3 star players that have an axe to grind and huge work ethic. Some of those boys will be showing up today against the Quack.
  14. I didnt like Dan before the game, on the field during stretching telling the players “you are blessed”
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