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  1. As it's often been said, the mental part of the games preparation is always more important than the physical. At this level of football most of these kids are athletically equal it's the mental preparation that separates the good athlete from the elite. This is the reason that professional sports teams hire sports psychiatrists. I fear that Shoughs problems are in his head and that is not easily fixed with good coaching. I'm afraid that we will need to see more of Brown in this upcoming game in order to have a chance at securing a win.
  2. If the Ducks are truly living up to the mantra that football is a "team" sport then let Brown take more than a cursory four or five snaps. Bowl games have been games of innovation throughout the years and now is a good time to let Moorhead get creative and lay the groundwork for 2021.
  3. Intensity!!! If the Ducks bring the same intensity they did in the Pac12 championship it will go along ways to victory. However the intensity has to be on both sides of the ball. Let Moorhead loose and get out of the way. The game plan has to be followed to the ultimate and Shough needs to complete his first passes in the game for his confidence level to rise to the challenge. Do these things and follow the advice of BDF and we will be hoisting the trophy. Hopefully we will also have some healthy players back!
  4. The Ducks have to be aware of hubris. Coach C will have them in a frame of mind of next game up. I look forward to a tight game with the possibility of a last second field goal by our mustached kicker to win it!
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