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  1. Thanks for this story. I've always viewed sports as works of art. Motion art, like ballet, purposeful, and exact. The right movement at just the right time. Graceful in its complexity, yet simple in its enactment.
  2. I think we found the beef! Uncle Phil will have to once again pony up the cash to feed this monster.
  3. Gaining perspective is always a good thing. Sometimes stepping back can give one a chance to reevaluate. This team grew up in the worst of circumstances and will be the better for it in the future.
  4. I think Tyler is the poster boy for letting all the themes get in the way of playing the game. When we see the greats lace up they always seem to be having fun. I'm afraid Tyler got in his own way. Play with controlled abandon, have fun, enjoy the moment. Tyler took the team on his back too many times, let your playmakers make the plays, simply put the ball in their hands and watch them make TD's.
  5. Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Moe who will the Ducks choose to throw? It's is indeed a big question mark. I will not even try to guess until the Spring practices and even then it will be up for grabs me thinks....
  6. We've got the Jimmy's and the Joes, now we need the X's and the O's. Please, please, please take the reins off the offense and let them run free.
  7. The first thing any coach must do is get buy-in from the players. Having a young team in this regard can be a good thing.
  8. Totally impressed with his first live interview. I can't wait to see all of his schemes come to fruition on the field. He certainly has all the tools available for a successful season. The most important thing for everyone will be the spring and fall practices to occur so that this still young team can come together and gel.
  9. That right there is a whole lot of love from all over America for his talents!
  10. His body type suggests that "the stache: will be able to add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle without losing any speed. I like the comparison to Dat in his moves.
  11. I'll reserve my excitement for when the rubber meets the road. His resume is certainly full of positivity, however, we've experienced this type of hoopla before in our new coordinators and been burned. He certainly will be blessed with, perhaps, the best players he will have ever coached. I wish him all the luck in the world and hope he will surprise and delight me with his skills. In Coach C we trust but verify!
  12. "This is a very good problem for the coaches to have." Amen to that brother!
  13. I realize I'm stating the obvious, but here goes anyway, "WINNING puts butts in the seats".
  14. We need a dominant run game to compliment our passing game. Too many times in our shortened 2020 season did we see a one dimensional game where we were all predictable as to what plays were coming. A balanced attack running on all cylinders will take us back to the dominating team we once were. Trash the pistol formation and give our running backs the run to daylight opportunities that put fear in to the defenses we play against.
  15. Whomever takes the QB1 title will have elite receivers all over the field and a battle hardened offensive line to protect them. Coach Moorhead will hopefully have the spring and fall camps to evaluate the candidates. In the meantime we will keep our fingers crossed that Moorhead will be given the keys to the offense and the opportunity to fully implement his vision.
  16. How do you punish an opposing defensive line with a 178 lb. running back? Cristobal has said over and over again that he wants to punish the opposing team. He has proven that he can recruit, however, he has not brought in the Royce Freemen type backs. It is truly a puzzle to me. Is he so wedded to the vaunted pistol attack that he hesitates to replace the running backs coach? This remains one of the biggest questions for me!
  17. He's the perfect example of "You play like you practice". Looking forward to seeing him play. Hope he and the team can get the spring and fall practices in this year.
  18. I wonder if Moorhead's offense has been hampered by poor execution rather than Coach C's interference. We often seem lost on the field of play our rhythm on plays is completely destroyed. One of Kellys ideas of practice was to increase repititions so muscle memory takes over in real competitive play. He was often quoted as saying that he would not stop practices to correct players mistakes but rather make the corrections on film with them later.
  19. I'm not sure they have a system either but their execution of whatever they are trying to do on the field is horrible. I'm a glass half full kind of guy and am hoping that the experience of playing in this shortened season will pay dividends this spring and fall (God willing) and we will see a better prepared team on game days. Remember the old saying that "those who can do, and those that cannot teach". I'm hoping for the former and not the latter going forward.
  20. Whoever we put on the field better be ready to put some hurt on the Cyclones! Shoughs head better be in the game and Coach Avalos' defense has to be up to the challenge.
  21. The speed in which Alabama played with yesterday was awe inspiring. Chips teams came close but Bamas receivers and backs were something else. The physicality of those playoff teams would have shredded our current team. I'm thinking we are still a few years away from putting a team on the field that can compete with the elites.
  22. I would have preferred the all white uni's, clean and crisp. As Jon said now it's time for the rubber to meet the road!
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