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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that the man who knows our defense best besides our coaches just gave the blueprint to our competition on how to attack them. Passes to slots and running backs on the outside and let our bad tackling take care of itself. Only had to sprinkle in the TEs for a little bit, though they obviously could have done much more based on those successful TE plays. We’d better hope a significant amount of this glaring vulnerability was not knowing assignments or communication so we weren’t able to play fast and go after people.
  2. I think it is very safe to say the Georgia offense will be significantly better than last year. Bennett has had 1st team reps and all the mentoring he didn’t have last year and Washington is healthy and maybe an even bigger freak than Bowers, who completely lives up to the hype. Their tight ends can block and run and catch. And their coordinator picked fast reads that didn’t even give our front 7 a chance to get to Bennett so they essentially had zero stats because the rate times he held it long enough he scrambled and threw a long pass or a touchdown. Most of the time the first or second read was open and went according to plan for them. Bennett is ready to keep torching everyone like he torched Michigan and Bama. Hard not to root for the guy who shatters expectations and is clearly still preparing and playing with a chip on his shoulder despite winning a ‘ship.
  3. I hope Lanning focuses on game planning and coaching, which is what I suspect he will focus on. And maybe showing his boys a good example of resiliency and hard work in the face of adversity.
  4. No one is entering the portal mid-season, I believe, which is as it should be: The transfer windows, which will go into effect in time for the 2022-23 season, will allow 60 days per year for athletes to enter the portal and maintain immediate eligibility for first-time transfers. For fall sports like football, the period will be split into two periods. The first, a 45-day period, will start the day after championship selections are made. A second window will be instituted from May 1-15 so players can enter the transfer portal after spring camp. it is honestly probably better for all parties to end the season before entering the portal. A player may have an injury in front of them and have an opportunity they didnt expect, they can still watch film and learn and workout, and it doesn’t leave the team with less depth, and the player may change their mind.
  5. The worst example of not humming it in there was hanging Cota out to dry on our best chance for an explosive play. They had safety over the top and cota had shook the corner. Throw it to him! Instead tries to lay one easy in the breadbasket. Well, guess what? You just gave the defense tons of time to react and blow up your receiver.
  6. I love to daydream about this stuff and speculate, but is it amazing to anyone else how many articles are “published” now with literally no new content? With that said, Ty Thompson better develop or he will be passed by Dante. If spring ball comes and Dante is neck and neck with him, I suspect he transfers and butterfield starts for a while until they unleash Dante. I love Ty’s attitude and physical gifts, but he will have had two+ years to turn it on, and if it’s not clicking, he may need to move on. In my opinion, he is either “the man” by next spring, or he is never going to the be “the man” here.
  7. Quote by Dan Lanning’s dad, apparently: This is the son we raised. He is an honest, loving, sincere man. A great husband, dad, son, and coach (I think being a coach incorporates skills from all those areas.) His word is true and reliable. When he says he loves you, he means it in the truest sense. His priorities in life are family/people centered. There’s no one I’d rather have in my corner. The University of Oregon is blessed to have him, and I know he feels blessed to be there. I do expect there to be great success on the football field, but the greatest successes will be the relationships he makes and the men he builds. Thank you for this thoughtful article. Our entire family in Missouri look forward to many many years of being passionate Duck fans.
  8. Hmmmm…I don’t usually turn to “swim swam” for most of my conference realignment updates!
  9. My worry is we are all assuming status quo or improved playoff situation. It could go the other way, too. They may have sec and B1G have guaranteed spots (or two) but make ACC, pac 10 and big 12 have to fight for the other 2 with any cincinatis as second tier citizens. If they have all the money, they are going to make the rules in a revised playoff.
  10. You can’t take teams from the ACC on a practical level. That’s my point. They each have a $50m buyout. Who is going to shell out $50m per team to try and make more money. That’s a losing proposition if you aren’t the B1G or SEC, and even then, they would REALLY want to have Clemson in their league. The ACC has to implode before they can leave on a free market.
  11. Everyone keeps talking about an ACC merger. That is basically not an option. ACC teams cannot leave. The ACC could add teams but it is extremely prohibitive or nearly impossible for any of them to leave and join another conference. So it is Big12/pac 12 merger or weak pac 10+MWC if that merger falls through. Just have to hope our groveling with the B1G works or we are stuck looking like a deflated balloon. Pretty big downer when I was feeling so optimistic about our future with DL. I don’t doubt for a minute that USC looked at this as an opportunity to get the upper hand on us because we have been punishing them lately and I don’t think they will want the B1G to add us too. B1G would have to be okay with dividing the profits up a bit more, too, so it would have to be for logical reasons (geography, tradition, balance) not for financial reasons. Hard to count on that based on how the first move unfolded.
  12. Your math is off a bit… it is $36 million per team if you average them. to get to $67m/team you’d have to only have 12 teams making 800m total.
  13. I wish I was more optimistic but if B10 really wanted us they would have suggested it. We might, might be able to beg our way in if we plead our case persuasively, but I am not holding my breath. I think the SEC would laugh at us asking to be brought in. I think it will be combine with big 12 or a fate much worse. hope I am wrong and we get into the B10.
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