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  1. Chip Kelly and his style of ball.
  2. My all-time fave: The Ducks giving FSU a shellacking ... and that absolutely side-splitting—and deeply satisfying—Jameis Winston fumble.
  3. Earn the love, bro. Where do these spoiled, self-absorbed types get off? Do athletes today earn stars for narcissism? What else would explain this complete lack of self awareness. This attitude of entitlement makes me want to puke.
  4. I don't like to predict game outcomes and scores but like most of us I always pull for the Ducks. I have few expectations for the Georgia game but the one thing I would most like to see during the whole 2022 season is aggressiveness in all three aspects of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. The Bulldogs showed it in spades. THAT's what I'd like to see.
  5. I didn't bother to read the article at the link. But I do find it interesting that Dan Lanning was almost invisible at the championship game, save for a brief glimpse after. Which is even more interesting given their demonstrated defensive (as opposed to academic) prowess. He was a more visible presence at the semi with Michigan. I saw a lot of Kirby Smart prowling—or should I say running—the sidelines. And plenty of Saban, as usual. But where at a Clemson game there's always plenty of coverage of their DC and his very physical communication with the defensive unit, at last night's game I kept looking for something equivalent with Lanning. NADA. Does anyone else find that curious? I avoided ESPN's pregame so maybe I missed coverage of our new HC. That would have been nice ... and, given the outcome of the game, would not have hurt with Oregon recruiting. Of course, maybe I just happened to take a bathroom break at the wrong time.
  6. So maybe we can look forward to fewer injuries? Let's hope so.
  7. Jon, you may have nailed it. A Super League may well be in the cards. And while seeing how this plays out will be fascinating, it pains me to imagine what many of us college football fans—and yes, even many of the athletes—will lose in the process. Guess I'll wind up skipping the Super League teams and following the smaller schools where student athletes still play the game I love.
  8. A tip of the helmet to Babyjesus. Stockholm syndrome is a devilishly clever analogy.
  9. Amen, brother. I can relate. Each year, when Autumn is in the air and football returns, I find myself renewed in a Forever Young sort of way. Watching these young athletes compete, seeing their exuberance, their innocence, is exhilarating, renewing. It brings back wonderful memories while creating new ones to celebrate and enjoy. I like to think of them as role models, not for their endless array of uniform combinations, but for how they perform and how they carry themselves whether in victory or in defeat.
  10. Yes, it still hurts. (Gee thanks for reminding me.)
  11. As fans, we're outsiders when it comes to what actually goes on inside the Ducks program. We can speculate til the cows come home, and often do. But in the end we really don't know who is responsible for sending a running back into the middle on 4th and 1 over and over again. I for one would like Mario to answer that question. It's time.
  12. Laying an egg in the Fiesta Bowl won't help with recruiting or holding onto commits.
  13. Do we really know what's going on with the Ducks coaching? There's an awful lot of speculation going on. But so far at least I've yet to see anyone do anything more than infer. One thing's for sure. The Ducks have no discernible system.
  14. I'm with you bro. The coaching staff has made a mess of our QB situation and possibly harmed Tyler's head, opening the door for him to leave. This really bothers me especially since we saw his parents in the stands, watching this play out. If you were the parent of a high school athlete, would you permit your son to commit and play for these coaches after witnessing that? In my mind, Oregon has always given the impression of a family, where relationships matter and help young athletes grow into adulthood the right way, with the right set of values. I don't know, but I suspect the Sewell family thought that. That earned reputation was damaged tonight. And that hurts worse than the loss, as bad as it was.
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