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  1. Giving credit where it's due, Ward is one shifty magician of a QB. Some of his quick darts, improvised lobs, and even that one play where he faked tossing the ball to a crossing player and kept it were eye opening. Wazoo's defense was a handful. But those sack-leading Cougs failed to get even one. Thank you OL for helping keep Bo safe and on his feet. Ultimately our offense prevailed, with better play calls than those unfortunate early calls in the red zone. (All those missed points!) And that big defensive pic six from Funa was a back breaker. All in all an exciting game and if it's any indication of what Wazoo is capable of going forward, their future opponents had better watch out. Ours too.
  2. As a Ducks fan over on the East Coast I've never had the opportunity to attend a game at Autzen. My loss. But one of the reasons why I support the Ducks from afar is because they appeared to be a class organization. Maybe I was influenced by Marcus Mariota and the way he conducted himself in both winning and losing, on the field and off. There was also the example of Pre and others before him and since. Even Puddles, as the public persona of the Ducks teams, transcended the usual mascot archetype and softened it, lending an air of good spirited fun and friendliness that could be appreciated by Ducks' and their opponents' supporters equally. This incident has left a stain on this important legacy. It threatens to undo much of what was and is good about the Ducks and more than anything needs to be addressed forcefully. Still I believe it will take time, perhaps a long time, to undue the worst of this damage to the good name of the Ducks and the University. Now, everyone, from the students to the fans, from the players to the coaches, will need to comport themselves as we would like them to—as Marcus and Pre would expect them to—as models of good sportsmanship. Nothing more is needed. Nothing less will do.
  3. Currently handing it to Michigan State with Penix (formerly Indiana U) displaying a hot hand and the fuskies lines looking stout. The new head coach did a great job at his former school with a lot less talent. Hate to say it but at this rate they should be formidable opponents when the Ducks play them at Autzen in November.
  4. From what I know and have witnessed he is a talented, hard-working teammate and a decent individual. The world could use more like him.
  5. Watching this contest is bad enough but the game feed is only making it worse. What's up with that?
  6. Regardless of that decision, I was quite impressed with West Virginia, especially their QB (a transfer from Georgia, I believe) and that WR who is destined to be heard from down the road. The intensity of play on both teams was damn high, given this was so early in the season. Great game. Unfortunate result for WV due to a weird pick.
  7. Did you catch the Sewell interview video where he spoke about Flowe having a terrific motor? As he spoke his eyes grew large and lit up, reflecting something even more than respect. Maybe even awe? That spoke volumes to me.
  8. Vernon Adams was an amazing football player. He was a magician with the ball in his hands and always, always a threat. In my mind he personified the heart and soul of a leader.
  9. Chip Kelly and his style of ball.
  10. My all-time fave: The Ducks giving FSU a shellacking ... and that absolutely side-splitting—and deeply satisfying—Jameis Winston fumble.
  11. Earn the love, bro. Where do these spoiled, self-absorbed types get off? Do athletes today earn stars for narcissism? What else would explain this complete lack of self awareness. This attitude of entitlement makes me want to puke.
  12. I don't like to predict game outcomes and scores but like most of us I always pull for the Ducks. I have few expectations for the Georgia game but the one thing I would most like to see during the whole 2022 season is aggressiveness in all three aspects of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. The Bulldogs showed it in spades. THAT's what I'd like to see.
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