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  1. I enjoy it. Sports is entertainment. It’s getting harder to get people to attend games nationally. Baseball is hurting more than ever because some in the sport refuse to adapt the product for a more distracted potential costumer. 2022 isn’t 1962.
  2. Says more about the state of the Auburn program. Their coach will be fired soon.
  3. Stanford's players have been taking cheap shots all night. As soon as the game started they knew it was going to be a long night. No bowling for them this year.
  4. Oregon will join the BIG10 the second they are offered. The media revenue payout alone would sustain the entire athletic department annually.
  5. 10 yrs from now all sports will be streamed. The theater in my town shutting down is further proof. Viewing habits are changing and will continue to change.
  6. Online entertainment is kind of an outdated term. Everything is online. A game broadcast on Foxsports is also streaming on their app. Demand for sports has risen because it's one of the few entertainment options that's not scripted and the demand to view live entertainment as opposed to on-demand still remains. That's why the broadcast right's have been going up every time right's negotiation's come up. Provider's want the live entertainment because advertiser's value those broadcast's over non live which are usually watched on demand. They'll keep going up every few years as more and more entertainment moved towards on demand. Live Sports will continue to corner the broadcast market.
  7. That wasn't a problem in Columbus last year with a 9AM west coast kick-off.
  8. The truth is that Oregon will never recruit consistently at the clip Georgia does. No amount of NIL money or facilities upgrades can makeup for a lack of talent on the west coast that the southeast has in abundance. Georgia can put as may DL in one draft as Oregon has in a decade. Unless a large number of young blue chip country fed lineman start moving west of the rockies this issue will remain.
  9. Oregon 30-27 Georgia. 2 TO 4 sacks 315 passing yards
  10. Frost is statistically now one of the worst decision makers in college football. He advertises his faults to opposing coaches and just repeats them over and over. Nebraska should have fired him last year. I wonder if he's still seeing that Oregon cheerleader or if he's moved on to another young college girl.
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