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  1. Heard that Houston & TCU would consider a PAC invite. I wonder if Houston would have to pay the $80 million exit fee? But if the PAC12 lands Houston & TCU I would assume 4 more schools would be invite. TECH? OSU? BAYLOR? KANSAS? I just dont see those schools spending $80 if there is no GOR.
  2. Crazy question: would not TEXAS TECH & University of Houston not add more value? There are 30 Million TEXANS.
  3. Pac-12/Big 12 Merger: The National Athletic Conference COLLEGESPORTSINFO.COM With the Pac-12 and Big 12 media rights contracts set to expire in the coming years, it's time to form something new: The National... This might be our best option thanks to ESPN & FOX Washington Oregon California Stanford Arizona Arizona St. Utah Colorado Baylor Texas Tech Houston TCU Oklahoma St. Kansas BYU WVU
  4. Based on Jon Wilmer logic SMU and University of North Texas cover the DFW market. Sorry but I don't believe that.
  5. Source: Oklahoma State Engaged in "Active Conversation" with the SEC GRIDIRONHEROICS.COM Oklahoma State is involved in active conversation with the SEC according to a source inside the Cowboys... Old Big12 South is getting back together. Now I know why Texas Tech admin didn’t care about the PAC. I hope
  6. Rumors are this is how 2021 PAC12 interviews went.
  7. I would love have loved being part of the PAC12 but that was with USC & UCLA. Plus I would have preferred if TEXAS, OU, OSU were all part of the deal. Now, I believe the best option for the PAC & BIG12 is a merger. or just stay in the BIG12. Currently it appears ESPN & FOX only care about schools east of the Mississippi river. Something like this. EAST: Tech, OSU, Kansas, KSU, ISU, KSU, Houston. PLUS one: (TCU, BAYLOR or BYU) I would select Baylor. WEST: Oregon, Washington, Cal, Stanford, Utah, ASU, ARIZONA, Colorado.
  8. TEXAS(UT) should be in the PAC. If you have ever been to Austin you would agree.
  9. Oregon will be coming to Lubbock in 2023 & Tech will be coming to Eugene in 2024. By 2024 this might be a conference game. I hope.
  10. As a TECH fan I would like this, but with OSU. We need a travel partner. Kansas is great for basketball and it adds the KC market. FYSA, University of Kansas is only like 30 miles for Kansas City.
  11. From the PAC12 Everyone but WSU & Oregon St BIG12 Oklahoma St Texas Tech Kansas Kansas St ISU Maybe TCU BAYLOR WVU(Distance) Houston(potential) Cincinnati(potential)
  12. Maybe I am wrong. Seems to me that the Wall Street Journal Value should be used as a indicator of what schools should be together to fight off the BIG/SEC.
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