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  1. WE have Butterfield as well as another blue chipper coming in next year. Something has to give?
  2. I am trying this new positive thinking approach.
  3. Bo is going to carve up the Pac-12. I am biased to deep balls, so I am really hoping to see us blow past BYU's secondary. I think we have the pieces to beat any remaining defense deep. USC does as well, but unlike USC, we have the defensive players to make stops. I still believe, if we play as a team, and open the playbook, we are going to a big 6 bowl. Crazy maybe, but I think the pieces are there.
  4. BYU cannot guard him. He could be a game changer like De Anthony was. Just one or two deep throws, or some mis-direction, and its 6 baby.
  5. I have heard numerous RB's asked that question. None of them like a large rotation. They are the Alpha Male. Alpha males do not like sharing.
  6. "This weekend we will see the Ducks be over matched in some areas." A&M lost to a far less talented team Saturday. They did not play like a team that fights for one another; but the team that beat them sure did! BYU loves each other, they fight for each other, they are a force because they are a team. If every player on the field played together as a unit, and unselfishly, I would pick Oregon by 17. Win or lose, I am just hoping to see us playing like a team with purpose, fighting for one another.
  7. But they have to much talent to look like this.
  8. I hear and salute! Beavers look better for sure. But I also think USC is a different team. I cant wait to watch that game. Go Ducks
  9. Maybe, but USC's offense is elite. Their defense, in my opinion, is not even close to elite. But its hard to consider the Beavers are better than USC, or they will be able to defend those receivers. But I do hope you are right.
  10. I think we will have to unleash the deep ball to beat BYU, and Utah.
  11. That would be wonderful. However, USC will thump Fresno I am afraid. Cal beating Notre Dame would be glorious!
  12. Washington? Really? Maybe, but I will take Michigan State and give you 9 points.
  13. I am more interested in seeing the heart of the Ducks when we play BYU. I certainly hope we win, but that is secondary to me at this point. How will they respond when BYU hits them in the mouth like Georgia did? This BYU team reminds me of the old Stanford teams when they were good. And I am hoping to see some deep balls thrown. We have the receivers and the Arm to go deep. I really do not want to get into a slug-fest with BYU. Go Ducks
  14. I figured we would miss his attitude. He was the leader on the field. Glad he is doing well at USC. Wish he was here though.
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